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by Harry Speight
"Eden Vale to the plains of York"
by Edmund Bogg

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"From Eden Vale to the plains of York or A Thousand Miles in the Valleys of the Nidd and Yore" was written by Edmund Bogg and was published circa 1894. The book contains a total of over 350 pages with 70 photographs and countless sketches.

In common with other books by Edmund Bogg, this book is a combination of Tourist Guide with photographs, Historical Guide with sketches, with biographical information on various people and families. A quick look at the list of contents (below) will give you a good idea of the scope of this book. If you have a family interest in this area, then this book is excellent value for money.

Also in common with other books by this author, there is some duplication with his other books - this one for instance contains some (but by no means all) of the information contained in the Richmondshire books which we sell on a separate CDrom.

The following are available to help you ascertain the contents of the book (there is no index):

"Nidderdale" was written by the Yorkshire historian, Harry Speight, whose early works were published while he was Cashier at Ripley's Dyeworks, West Bowling, Bradford and appeared under the name 'Johnnie Gray'. As a writer Speight had a unique combination of original historical/genealogical research and a feel for landscape and nature.

In order to give you some idea as to the contents of the book, the following are available here on line: The above Acrobat files were extracted from the main pdf file and show the quality of the images. You will need at least version 5 of Acrobat to open this file. If you do not have an up to date version please go to the Adobe web-site to obtain a free version of Acrobat Reader.

The main pedigrees from "Nidderdale" are:
Atkinson, of Clint; Bane, King of Scotland; Barlow, of Middlethorpe, Sigsworth, &c; Benson, of Pateley Bridge, &c.; Cantilupe; De Ros, of Helmsley, Ribston, &c.; Dougill and Swire; Goldesburgh, of Goldesburgh; Goodricke, of Ribston; Ingilby & Saville; Inman of Nidderdale; Knaresburgh, of Knaresburgh, Killinghall, &c.; Le Page, Bayles, Inman; Roundell, of Scriven; Skaife, of Braisty Woods, &c; Slingsby, of Scriven and Carleton-in-Craven; Spofforth, of Spofforth, Howden, &c., co. York, and
Massachusetts, &c , U.S.A.; Stubbs of Nidderdale; Todeni, Mowbray, &c; Yorke of Gowthwaite and Bewerley.
Please see the Surnames Index for other pedigrees.

A transcription of the Contents of "From Eden Vale to the Plains of York":


A brief description of the interesting places in the vales of the Yore and the Nidd


A Retrospective Sketch ; The Brigantes ; Druidism ; Queen Cartismandau ; Caractacus, a prisoner, is taken to Rome ; The subjection of the Brigantes by Rome ; The invasion of the Saxons and the dispersion of the old Celtic race ; Gregory the Great and the tale of the Slave Market ; The conversion of Saxons by the Romish Church ; Edwin, Prince of Deira ; The destruction of the Heathen Gods, Woden and Thor, and the Baptism of the Angles by Paulinus in the Swale and the Yore ; The Battle of Heathfield and death of Edwin ; Winwoed Field and the death of Penda ; Noble and shining lights in the Saxon Church ; The invasion of the Danes and capture of York ; Rule in Northumbria ; Harold of Westfold : a tradition ; Siward the Jarl : a dramatic death scene ; Troubles in Northumbria during the rule of Tosti ; Is expelled, &c. ; Unfurls the Viking standard ; Joins Hardrada ; Invades Northumbria ; The Battle of Stamford Bridge; Hardrada and Tosti are slain and the Norwegian fleet dispersed; The conquest of England by the Normans ; Battle of Hastings and death of Harold ; The Rebellion of the Anglo-Danish people in Northumbria ; Capture of York and re-capture by the Normans ; Retaliation and devastation of Northumbria by the conquerors ; Uprearing of mighty strongholds ; Death scene and burial of the Norman King


NUNMONKTON : Its origin ; The Church of St. Mary ; The village and neighbourhood ; NEWTON-ON-OUSE; BENINBROUGH; In the Ainsty Country ; The Red House : a descriptive sketch ; Moor MONKTON ; A Thunderstorm ; MARSTON Village, &c.


Marston Fight ; General description ; Flight and chase of a Cavalier bearing the news to the Garrison of Knaresborough ; Safe arrival and death of his steed ; Wilstrop Hall and Richard Harrison ; TOCKWITH Village ; Mt. TON and SINNINGTHWAITE ; Bilton Church, &c. ; Its ancient features ; Skewkirk Ferry ; KIRK HAMMERTON ; The old Saxon Church ; GREEN HAMMErTON ; A Village Feast ; Original Characters ; The Upland Country


The OUSEBURN Villages : A vivid description of bygone times


WHIXLEY ; Christopher Tancred, his curious will, &c. ; The Church ; ALLERTON ; The Mauleverers ; The Hall ; The Church and Tombs of the Mauleverers ; The Vale of York, &c. ; Thornville Hall, formerly the abode of Colonel Thornton ; Famous Race on Knavesmire ; Tale of the Miller, &c. ; HUNSINGORE ; A Parson in the Stocks ; COWTHORPE Oak ; Anecdotes of the Village and Church; Guy Fawkes ; INGMANTHORPE; A Submerged Forest ; Farmer Smith's old Grey Mare


The CRIMPLE Country ; ALMES CLIFF; BRACKENTHWAITE ; Harry Buck the Wise Man ; King Charles, &c. ; PANNAL ; A rural Village ; Description of the Church ; Pannal Hall and the Tancreds ; FOLLIFOOT ; A Village Picture ; SPOFFORTH Its early History ; The Wars of the Percys : Otterburn and Shrewsbury ; Death of Hotspur and capture of Douglas ; Battle of Bramham Moor ; Defeat of the Rebels ; A Percy slain by the mob at Topcliffe ; Spofforth Castle and the Church, &c. ; Blind Jack's Grave ; NORTH DEIGHTON ; A June Eve ; Ancient Burial Mounds ; KIRK DEIGHTON ; A scene of beauty ; The Church ; The Tomb of Merleswyn and the De Ross Family


RIBSTONE ; A description of the Knight Templars ; Charles Brandon ; The Goodriche Family ; The Church of St. Andrew's ; Goldsborough Hall ; The Huttons, the Byerleys and Lascelles' ; The Church and Tombs of the Templars ; Goldsborough Mill ; Grimbald Bridge ; St. Robert's Cave ; Birkham Deeps and Grimbalds Craggs ; PLUMPTON ; Anecdote of Gilbert de Plumpton ; The Artist's Model, an original character ; Abbey House ; Simpson's Cave and St. Robert's Chapel


KNARESBOROUGH ; A Retrospective Sketch ; Eustace Fitz John and Hubert De Burgh ; Richard, Earl of Cornwall ; The legend of "Old Town Bay" ; Edmund Plantagenet ; Piers Gaveston ; A Scottish Raid ; Edward III. and his good Queen Phillippa ; The days of Chivalry; The Civil War; Knaresborough in a state of Siege ; The Surrender ; A Story of the Siege ; Description of the Castle ; The Church of Saint John ; The Slingsby Chapel and the Slingsbys ; A Melancholy Accident ; E. Hargrove ; The Historian's Grave ; Tale of Cromwell ; Sketch of old Knaresborough ; Saint Robert ; Mother Shipton ; Eugene Aram and Blind Jack, etc.; Scriven Hall ; SCOTTON Village ; The be Brus Family ; The home of Guido Fawkes ; Scotton Banks ; Nidd Hall ; Bilton Fields and Conyngham House ; The Nidd at Bilton Banks ; A Sunset Scene


HARROGATE : A Descriptive Sketch ; A Royal Wedding Day ; An Ancient Forest ; Celtic, Roman, and Saxon Occupation ; William the Conqueror and the Red King ; The Outlaws ; Robin Hood ; A Sketch of Forest Life ; Haverah Park, origin of its name ; A Legend ; The Destruction of the Forest ; The gradual uprearing of a Beautiful Town ; The Medicinal Springs ; Harrogate at the beginning of the present Century; Magnificent Scene from Harlow's Hill ; The Nidd as a fishing ground ; Fishing Tales ; The Landlord Outwitted ; KILLINGHALL ; Leaven Hall; Ripley Bridge and the old Water Mill ; A Summer Idyll ; The Village of RIPLEY ; A Legend of Ancient Days ; Oliver Cromwell and Dame Ingleby ; Sir George Ripley ; The Castle and Church of All Saints ; The Ingleby Chapel and Tombs of the Inglebys ; Ancient Weeping Cross, etc.; BISHOP THOrNTON ; Brimham Lodge and Sir Richard Gresham ; Brimham Hall ; Thornton Beck and Shaw Mills, and forward to the river again ; HAMPSTHWAITE ; The Church and its Associations; Blind Peter; Village Life half a Century ago ; William Makepeace Thackeray ; Tang Beck ; A Footpath by the Nidd ; BIRSTWITH Village ; The Beautiful Sanctuary ; A Symphony ; The Graveyard ; A Riverside Picture ; CLINT and the Swale Family ; BURNT YATES and DARLEY ; CINDER HILLS ; Stumps Lane ; A Foul Murder ; A Story of Civil War ; Darley Beck and Padside Hall ; Tradition of a Knight of the Ingleby Family ; Upper Nidderdale in general ; A Sketch by W. H. Daykin


BRIMHAM ROCKS ; FELL BECK ; Tales of Barguests and other Eerie Forms ; Ancient House ; Fell Beck and SMELTHOUSE ; WILSILL, BISHOPSIDE and BEWERLEY


PATELEY BRIDGE : Brief Description ; The Nidderdale Rant, etc. ; The Renowned Brothers Sinclair ; The Pates ; Bewerley Hall and the Yorke Family ; Fishpond Wood ; RAVENSGILL, Raven's Nest, and Bewerley Moors ; The Sabbath Bells ; GUYSCLIFFE ; The Folly and Tarn ; CASTLESTEAD ; Eagle Hall ; GREENHOW HILL ; Stump Cross Caverns and Trollers Gill ; Old World Customs and Beliefs still existing in the Dales ; FOUNTAINS EARTH, STONEBECK DOWN, and STONEBECK UP ; WATH Wood and Waterfall; Pack Horse Bridge; A Funeral Procession ; SIGSWORTH and ROBIN HOOD ; A Moorland Tramp; Merry field Glen; HEATHFIELD ; Gowthwaite Hall ; The Compensation Reservoir ; RAMSGILL and Eugene Aram ; LoFTHOUSE ; Story of John Imeson ; HOWSTEAN Gorge and Tom Taylor's chamber ; A hoard of Coins ; BLAYSHAW BENTS ; MIDDLESMOOR; A Scene from the Graveyard; Dead Man's Hill and the Missing Pedlars ; Stanzas to the Nidd, by W. C. Rushton


A Rambler's Reminiscences of Upper Nidderdale, by J. T. Lowe; The Source of the Rivers ; A Wild Tramp ; Shaw Paddocks ; Amongst the wild hills ; The Devil's Bridge ; HELL GILL; A famous leap ; Caught in a mountain Storm ; The Summit of High Seat ; A magnificent prospect ; The Shepherd Lord ; Source of the Eden, Swale, and the Yore ; The first bridge ; LUNDS and its Primitive Church ; The Dalesman's Story A glorious Sunset ; Mossdale, COTTERDALE, Widdale, and Shunner Fell ; Cotter Force ; HArDRAW Force and the adjoining woodland


Round about Hawes, by Chas. Wilkinson ; HAWES : Brief description ; Buttertubs Pass ; MUKER-ON-SWALE ; Hardraw Falls ; Cotter Foss and Mossdale


BAINBRIDGE : Memoir of old Forest Days ; The Horn Blower ; SEMMERDALE and SEMMER- WATER; ADDLEBROUGH; COUNTERSETT, a charming old Hamlet ; A Legend of Semmerwater ; Carr End ; Thwaite End ; Raydale House and its Ghost Stories ; Stalling Busk and Bardale Beck ; Lost on Weatherfell ; A Gloomy Tramp ; Hawes on the eve of a great Sheep Fair


ASK RIGG and NAPPA ; Grangebeck and the Abbey of Fors ; Askrigg and Church of Saint Oswald ; Millbeck Force ; A Wild Sunset ; The Garland Races ; The Manor of Worton and Village of THORNTON RUST ; Nappa Hall ; Mary Stuart ; A Legend of the Metcalfs ; A Story of Wood Hall ; The Tramp; Bear Park ; Carperby and Aysgarth Falls ; The Bridge ; The Upper Falls ; Church and Village ; BISHOPDALE; Foss Gill ; The Devil's Hull : a Legend ; NEwBIGGIN ; Street Head, etc. .; THORALBY ; Littleburn House ; A Village Merrymaking; WEST BURTON : a picturesque Village ; The Vale of Walden ; The Temple ; SINNINGTHWAITE ; WEST WITTON ; The Church of St. Bartholomew ; Relics ; John James, F.S.A.; Edmund Loures ; The Village Feast : a singular custom ; CHANTRY ; PENHILL ; Polly Peachum ; An Old Ford ; THORESBY ; Story of King Olaf ; Legend of a Treasure Trove ; Bolton Castle : a Retrospect ; Queen Mary a Prisoner ; The Attempted Flight ; Lord Scrope ; The Nortons ; Death of Mary Stuart ; Castle, Bolton ; The Church of St. Oswald ; A Charming Vale ; REDMIRE Village ; A 19th Century Seer ; A Primitive Church ; Scarthe Nick, and the Village of PRESTON-UNDER-SCAR ; The Yore at Flood ; Bolton Woods : a Glorious Scene ; Bolton Hall and the Powlets : a Singular Character ; WENSLEY ; A peaceful Village and its Interesting Church ; Many Relics ; The Old Elm Tree ; Drunken Barnaby ; The Shawl ; LEYBURN, BELLERBY, HART LEAP WELL ; The Legend of HARMBY and its Buried Treasure; SPENNITHORNE Village; The Church of St. Michael ; Relics of the Past ; John Hutchinson and Richard Hatfield ; Sunset; MIDDLEHAM from the Meadows; A Dream of the Past : its Days of Prosperity ; Warwick, the King Maker ; Review of Noble Owners ; Its decline ; The Castle and Village ; Ghilpatric, a Danish Chieftain ; An Ancient Stronghold ; The Church of the Blessed Virgin and St. Alkeda ; Tomb of the Martyred Lady ; Memorial of Robert Thornton, 22nd Abbot of Jervaulx; Middleham Moor Fair ; COVERDALE ; Braithwaite Hall; A Solitary Wayfarer ; Coverham Bridge ; Ruins of Coverham Abbey ; Coverham Church; " Lady Bab " ; An Interesting Companion ; Homes of Famous Trainers ; Birds Ridding ; A Sequestered Dell ; The Old Water Mill ; CARLTON ; HORSE HOUSE and BRADLEY ; WEST SCRAFTON ; A Magnificent Gorge ; A Pretty Glen ; The Thunderstorm and the Rainbow : a Glorious Scene ; St. Simon's Well ; EAST WITTON ; The Village Green ; A time-honoured Hamlet ; A neglected Graveyard ; A False Alarm : a Tale of the early years of this century ; Ulshaw Bridge ; St. Oswin, Prince of Deira ; Danby Mill ; The Meeting of the Waters ; Danby Hall, the Residence of Simon Thomas Scrope ; The Scrope Family ; A Famous Trial ; THORNTON STEWART ; An Interesting Church ; The Ruins of JervaulX ; The Prior and Jew : a Scene from " Ivanhoe " ; Kilgrim Bridge and its Legend


MASHAM : Early History ; Alan, Earl of Richmond ; Roger de Mowbray ; The Scropes of Masham and Upsall ; The Fairs ; Church of St. Mary ; Remains of Ancient Cross ; Numerous Relics ; Graves of George Couitt and Julius Caesar Ibbetson ; Clifton Castle ; Low BURTON; BINSO; Aldborough Hall; Ancient Entrenchments; The River Burn ; The Villages of HEALEY and FEARBY ; Remains of Druidism ; COLSTERDALE ; KIRK GILL ; A Mock Temple ; Grimes Gill Beck ; Pott Beck ; ILTON : a Magnificent Prospect; Description ; HACKFALL : Enchanting Scenes ; GREWELTHORPE and MICKLEY ; TANFIELD and the Marmions ; A Martial Race ; Tanfield Church and the Marmion Tombs ; The Marmion Chantry ; Matthew Beckwith and Mr. Littleton ; Slenningford Hall ; STAINLEY Village ; EAST TANFIELD


The Vale of MOWBRAY ; A Rural Village ; St. Michael's Well ; King Edwin ; Reflections ; WELL in Domesday Book ; The Church ; Interesting Interior ; The Hospital ; Ancient Cross ; Memory Pictures of Village Life


A Tramp through the Corn Country ; BEDALE ; A Market Day ; Old Eli the Raven ; The Church ; Massive Tower ; Interior ; Interesting Relics ; The Hamlet of FIRBY : Snape CHAPTER XX. - Continued. PAGE. Castle ; NOSTERFIELD ; Circular Entrenchments ; The Tournament ; Norton Conyers ; The Church and old-time Relics ; The late Rev. W. C. Lukis ; MELMERBY, MIDDLETON-QUERNHOW and Thomas Herbert ; The Village of BALDERSBY ; George Hudson, the Railway King ; Whitestonecliff, a tradition in verse ; RAINTON Village; The Village Sanctuary; Reminiscences of a Raintonian


The Western Tributaries ; The Source of the Becks ; KIRKBY MALZEARD ; Roger de Mowbray The Site of an Ancient Castle Noble Church; Mot, or Moot Hill; Wise Men and Women ; AZERLEY and GALPHEY ; The Laver ; DALLOWGILL ; "And Neddy," a Singular Character ; LAVERTON and WINKSLEY ; Long Tommy and Short Tommy ; A Twilight Scene ; The Skell Country HUNGATE ; HIGH and Low GRANTLEY ; ALDFIELD; A Winter's Eve; Markenfield Ball ; A Misty Day ; Fountains Abbey ; The First Settlement ; Poverty of the Monks ; Increase of Riches ; Fountains Abbey : a Poem, by John H. Fearnley Fountains Hail ; Robin Hood and the Curtal Friar ; RIPON ; Saint Wilfrid leaves home at 14, travels from court to court, promoted to Monastery at Ripon, is banished and reappointed ; St. Wilfrid's Saturday ; Feast of St. Wilfrid ; The Horn Blower ; The Minster Church ; SHAROW Village ; COPT HEWICK ; Blois Hall and Ancient Entrenchments ; MARTON-LE-MOORS ; An Old Trackway ; BRIDGE HEWICK; Givendale and Simon de Ward ; Newby Hall and Park ; Statue of John Sobieski, King of Poland ; A lamentable Hunting Accident ; Sir Robert Vyner and Charles II. ; SKELTON Church and Village ; MARKINGTON ; WORMALD GREEN ; STAINLEY ; BURTON LEONARD and COPGROVE ; Church of Saint Michael ; Saint Mungo's Well ; STAVELEY Village and Church ; Tit Poole, a Witch ; The Villages of ROECLIFFE and MINSKIP, &C. ; BOROUGHBRIDGE and ALDBOROUGH ; Review of the Past ; The Devil's Arrows ; Vestiges of Roman Occupation ; Aldborough Church ; Battle of Boroughbridge ; Old Coaching Days ; Barnaby Fair ; Picturesque Spots ; KIRBY BILL; Leeming Lane; Kirby Hill Church ; GRAFTON ; MARTON and Low DUNSFORTH ; MYTON Village ; Battle of Myton Meadows ; A Scottish Raid ; A Night Visit to the Battlefield; Roger de Mowbray and Byland Abbey ; ALDWARK and LINTON-ON-OUSE ; NEWTON Village and Churchyard ; MONKTON and BENINBOROUGH ; YORK City ; Reflections : Gorgeous Pageants, &c. ; Bishopthorpe, the ancient Palace of the Archbishops ; Death of Archbishop Scrope ; FINALE

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