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The information on this page is taken from either our feed-back form or from emails sent directly to us. We do not identify our customers on this page by name (unless permission is given to do so), and do not give email addresses due to spam problems with address given on the web. Dates are in English format (dd/mm/yy).
If you would like to leave us some feed-back after purchasing any of our CDroms, please

Excellent high quality CD copy of Whitaker's History of Leeds and Elmete. Searchable and can be printed. Highly recommended.

I am absolutely delighted with the CDRom of Hunters South Yorkshire. The word search facility has helped me to discover a number of new facts about my family history.

This is the 3rd CD I have bought from you and I have been very pleased with them all. I have found references and stories about a few past family members amongst the CDs which was my main objective in buying them. Service and communication very good. Many thanks. C.H.

Have received my copy of Frank Peel's Spen Valley today and am thrilled with it, having been born and brought up in the Spen Valley. Everything works perfectly and the search facility is better than any index. Keep up the good work. Regards R.H.

My husband ordered the CDrom of Shepherd’s 'History of Kirby Underdale' (see below). That it was a Christmas present to me goes part of the way to explain the tardiness of our feedback. He told me that the service was fast and efficient, while I have had no difficulty in reading the CD. F.M.

CD ROM arrived in good order and good condition! Pleasure doing business with you! I.G.

The Hipperholme to Tong CD Rom arrived very quickly and well packaged, very professional looking too. I read the book many years ago but had forgotten some of its content and how much I had enjoyed it being born and raised in Hipperholme myself. Your CD has now given me chance to go over it again which I am enjoying once more, there is so much detail of my surrounding area brought back from the past it makes it a treat to read.. I did think the pictures were poor at first but was delighted when I clicked on a picture by accident and it came up like a proper photograph showing much more detail, maybe this could be pointed out to other buyers. Thankyou so much for your help, I will be looking at your other CD's for maybe a future purchase. Regards, J.F.

A brief email to inform you that the CDRom arrived today and in working order. I have had a quick look at the content and shall enjoy a more leisurely read later. I did however spot a reference to taming an otter to retrieve fish and form the catch feed a family! I hadn’t realised that country folk did that sort of thing but it was a more common practise in parts of China using tame cormorants. I wonder what other delights await. Many thanks for your prompt attention to my order. Regards, D.L.

Excellent quality, speedy delivery. Search facility great. Thanks for a very important tool in my genealogy activities. D.B.

I received the CD of Richmondshire (Vols I & II by Edmund Bogg 1908. Excellent books and the delivery was first class. Just what the Geneologist needs when researching Richmondshire. Well done. C.A.

History of Worsborough: This particular book had been difficult to find and I needed specific information from it, consequently when I found your website I was both excited and relieved to know that it was within easy access. It arrived promptly and in good order and I have dipped in and out of the CD as required. Thank you so much for providing this service as it preserves knowledge in these old books which could so easily be lost. C.R.

Thank you very much for the CD which arrived safely and a very quick delivery. It is full of very interesting information that I have not yet managed to read but have found the searchable index of names very useful as a shortcut to searching. A.H.

A quick note to let you know the CDrom arrived safely yesterday morning - a very prompt and efficient service....and a top-notch product too!
I am very impressed with the quality of the scanning, and the ease of navigation. I have already discovered a lot of useful information from the books, which has enhanced my family research significantly. I look forward to ordering from you again - directly this time, and I think very soon!
Many, many thanks for your work on these - it is much appreciated. J.B.

I received the CD promptly, and the content was of excellent quality,it is a fantastic source of information and will be useful to me now and in the future. Very satisfied with the product. Thanks C.J.

I received the CD yesterday and began to peruse it. Thank you for an excellent product. The search function is invaluable for such a large book and works excellent. Thank you again. C.B.

Very speedy International delivery. DVD's arrived in great shape. Information was very helpful. Would buy from again. Thanks. G.T.

Your CDrom arrived safely today. I found it extremely easy to use and the images are of excellent quality – including the Langdale which I found perfectly readable, despite your concern about the reproduction. Many thanks for your first-rate service. B.R.

Many thanks again for your website. Cd arrived very promptly, quality of disc & content are premium & text search function most useful when looking for a name or street.N.R.

A speedy despatch of the cd. Excellent quality. Very satisfied with the product. PP

Just to let you know how absolutely delighted I am with the CD ROM of Halifax Antiquities, Halls etc.
The drawings of Arthur Comfort used to be quite common but you just don’t see them around now and it was a real joy to look at them. I also finished up spending much longer than I intended on the Rev. John Watson pages once I had downloaded them!
Keep up the good work and excellent service you are providing!

Thanks so much for the efficient and prompt delivery of 'The History of the parish of Whalley' by Dr. T.D. Whitaker. I had managed to purchase a reproduction of volume 1 from the British Library, but could only find very expensive copies of volume 2 (all sold along with volume 1) from booksellers, costing a minimum of £400. Your CD covers both volumes, is clearly produced with excellent images, and easily searchable. It is volume 2 which is most relevant to my family history into the Whitakers, so this is a great help. Many thanks! A.H.

Once again a brilliant book, received very quickly as usual - thank you. This book (Huddersfield %26 it's vicinity) is turning out to be a fantastic source of information - well worth the price I paid. Let me say how grateful I am for this invaluable service that you continue to provide! R.M.

Very promptly sent. Good sound advice with the CD and simple to use. The CD it's self was a very high quality much better than some other I have seen. I would use this service again as my first choice.A.E.

Excellent service, items arrived with in a couple of days of the order being sent. The CDrom was perfect. S.D.

I am pleased to report that The History of Craven CDrom, Item no:ORB001 arrived safely in this morning’s mail and on opening was found to be in excellent condition. Even the CD Case survived the journey to the land of Oz without mishap.
I am delighted with the quality of the CD contents. I had no difficulty navigating my way around on the CD and soon realised that I had my hands on some very valuable research material. Your efforts to provide readable material have resulted in a quality product for computer viewing.
The family names that are the subject of my research were found on the CD and I look forward to the challenge of linking my current research outcomes with the data on the CD. Now the fun begins.
Many thanks for your assistance in making this CD available to me.

Excellent service. Arrived very promptly. Full instructions and very useful. Well done on carrying out a valuable service in making these books P.F.

CDrom arrived today, many thanks for such a prompt service, everything clear and readable and search works well. I am sure I will be looking through the catalogue for other items. J.S.

Arrived today, super fast service & excellent items! I'm really glad you're providing this valuable service. Haven't had chance to examine your catalogue yet, but I'm sure we'll be dealing with each other again. Thanks once again, and a Merry Xmas! Regards, RM.

Two CDRoms very promptly received, carefully packaged. Also appreciated Email message informing me they had been despatched. Both appear to be of very good quality, easy to navigate around, and very useful and informative for my family history research plus background information. D.J.

My CDrom arrived on Wednesday safe and sound. Your clearly written instructions were easy to understand, even for a novice like me. I have spent many happy hours already trawling through the two books and am absolutely thrilled with the clarity of the information, illustrations etc. You have certainly done a remarkable job in preserving the information contained in these two books. I love the way the program searches a place, person, page etc.I consider myself fortunate, as a person living on the other side of the world, to have this sort of access to rare books of such significance. C.B.

Colin, thanks for the CD The History of Leeds. Delivery was prompt and in great shape. Really hit the jackpot. It contains a 20-generation pedigree for Hugh of Thornton near Bradford. Most of this pedigree was the product of Richard Thornton, Recorder of Leeds who appears to have been a notable expert on family histories in that area. He was the "male heir" of this line also. I did a search (great feature) of the complete CD using "thorn" to see how many contributions this Richard made to area pedigrees. Results kept me busy for a while! B.T.

Colin, thanks for the CD The History of Leeds. Delivery was prompt and in great shape. Really hit the jackpot. It contains a 20-generation pedigree for Hugh of Thornton near Bradford. Most of this pedigree was the product of Richard Thornton, Recorder of Leeds who appears to have been a notable expert on family histories in that area. He was the "male heir" of this line also. I did a search (great feature) of the complete CD using "thorn" to see how many contributions this Richard made to area pedigrees. Results kept me busy for a while.B.T.

A small glitch with PayPal order quickly rectified. CDs on Thornton-le-dale and Pickering very good quality and extremely useful for my research. Would recommend Yorkshire CD Books to anyone researching Yorkshire history. (A.P.)

CD arrived incredibly quickly, and the book has been a real help in terms of putting flesh on the family-tree bones! M.E.

Two items ordered on two seperate occasions. In both cases a swift delivery and well formated items. An invaluable resource. R.W.

the CD arrived yesterday without any damage. The copy is of very good quality -I am delighted with the purchase and your services! A.G.

The three CDs arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Naturally I was keen to look at these. I am delighted with the condition of all and the ease by which they can be utilised and read. This saves a great deal of manual work - I know I have tried both! I look forward to purchasing some more of your work, in the future, which is much appreciated. J.B.

CD arrived safely thank you. I have had sevral CD's from you and you are always very quick to post out and the infomation on them have been just what I wanted,so thank you very much. D.G.

My CD arrived safely yesterday, as promised, and I am very pleased with the quality of the reproduction of the books. I have quickly found the material I was anticipating to find and an initial look through the rest of the books suggest that there is more useful and interesting reading material to be enjoyed.B.B.

The C.D. arrived promptly and was well packaged. I’m impressed with the standard of scanning and the clarity of the illustrations when under magnification. I particularly like the Active Link facility and to be able to obtain these rare books at an affordable price is a great benefit to my research. D.P.

This is the third CD I have bought from you and have been very pleased with them all. Good communication and really quick delivery. M.H.

Thank you for taking the time to translate them into .pdf files so as to make them available to a wider audience of local historians, rather than them being the preserve of just rare book collectors. This seems to be the perfect solution to meeting the needs of both groups.
Maybe one day, they might even be made available for the Kindle e-book reader (or more likely, it'll be possible to get a programme that prepares .pdf files for reading on the Kindle) or the other e-book readers suvh as Kobo. But maybe thats a suggestion for a time in the future and a job for someone with lots of time on their hands too! N.S.

Great to have simple, easy access to an old book that I wouldn't have been able to buy anywhere (and it was delivered quickly too!) D.J.

Thank you very much for the speedy delivery of the CD of "Round About Bradford" and "Histories of Manningham". This is my second order for this CD which is proving very helpful in tracing my family tree. I intend to send it to my cousen for Christmas. We are both interested in tracing our roots and grew up in Bradford but have not lived there for many years. We are related to the Crabtree family of Manningham and your historical books on CD were recommended to me by another more distant cousen in America. They are fantastic books and bring our family history to life. J.B.

Thank you for your immediate response to my request for the History of Morley C D. Some of the information on it was just what I was looking for and has been of a great help. S.P.

CD arrived safely yesterday and resulted in a late night reading last night! I've found out some lovely detail about my step-mum's Great Grandfather from it so it has been a very worthwhile purchase. Having found that I couldn't buy a copy of the History of Airedale and that the only libraries that had it were at a few Universities, (sadly not including nearby Oxford!), I couldn't believe my luck when I saw that you had it scanned and available on CD. Fantastic! Thank you very much. H.R.

Great CDs, full of valuable information. Colin posted all items very quickly, and was careful to keep me informed every step of the way. Both the product and level of service are commendable. S.T.

Great communication. CD arrived quickly as promised! B.M.

My 4 cd roms arrived very quickley and well packaged, my whole experience in dealing with this company is very positive. As the goods only arrived today I have only had time to trawl through a History of Craven and I was not disappointed, excellent quality, clear pictures and lots of information. All of this will save me time and money. Thank you for everything and I hope to deal with you again.M.M.

Very fast delivery, I ordered The History and Antiquities of Halifax. It is so interesting, I cant get on with the housework!!! Many thanks for very clear and well presented CD. Many thanks, F.B.

Thankyou for your very prompt dispatch of my order for the CD ROM of The 4 Yorkshire County magazines by J.Horsfall Turner. I was able to give this to my husband for part of his birthday present on Wednesday and he was delighted. He has since spent a great deal of time thoroughly enjoying dipping into the many "pages". Thankyou very much. M.C.

Thank you for two CDRom’s – the second arrived today. I’ve looked at the Worsborough one and I’m delighted with the format and have already found some interesting information. V.O.

Thank you for the CD it arrived very promptly. I am extremely pleased with the read, whilst I appreciate your difficulties with picture reproduction. Thanks once again, and well done. E.G.

Arrived safely and very promptly yesterday. Works excellently and a quick search for ‘Kipling’ led me to the entry I was seeking – and to several unexpected ones as well. Thanks very much – and keep on scanning! M.K.

I recieved my CD on Todmorden and District - 4 books by John Travis. While your website gives the titles of the four books, and talks about the maps and parishes, the publication dates of the books are not given. I was looking for historical data and information on the first part of the 1800's and the plublication dates are 1896, 1890, 1903, 1905. There are no specifics on the part of Todmorden's history that I was interested in other than a little about the churches. The maps are interesting. I bought the CD and buyer beware. In hindsight maybe I should have asked for the publication dates. I would suggest that you add the publication dates to your website for these four books so at least others will not feel like I do.G.G. (Now fixed - CH)

Thanks for CD of Silkstone/Barnsley Worthies, received today. It was the Silkstone book which interested me, as some of my ancestors lived there from around 1800 to 1850. Apart from good local history, it was useful in that one of the gravestone inscriptions reproduced in the book gives the age of the person, helping me to identify who he was. 10/10 for your introductory pages, also for using a cd case with a button that works! Many cheap ones refuse to let go no matter how hard the centre is pressed (the BBC use terrible dvd cases). R.deM.

Just to say that the CD arrived and works perfectly. Excellent and quick service. S.C.

I am delighted with the CD - very user-friendly! P.S.

Just wanted to say thanks for the prompt service and delivery, just recieved my CD Of Nidderdale , The timbles and Snowden, looking forward to reading it once again thanks, good customer service is hard to come by these days, glad theres still someone out there that belives in it and provides it. S.G.

I recently purchased your CD version of the above book and would like to say that I am very grateful for the hard work that you have obviously put into the production of this item. In my opinion the CD is excellent value and has immediately provided me with a great deal of invaluable information. I send my sincere thanks for enabling me to have access to such a well presented and useful resource. P.A.

Absolutely brilliant, I had been stuck with the Greenwood's for at least a couple of years and reading Walsden families there they were my 3x great grandfather James Greenwood married to Martha Gill. I just couldn't get the next generation with any certainty, now I have quite a few names to research. The books give a lot of background knowledge and make your ancestors come to life. I read the Almanacks first, very interesting but couldn't tie anything up now I need to read them again. C.L.

Ordered ''The History of Leeds & Elmete'' and arrived speedily despite you being on holiday!! Many thanks for keeping me informed about the slight delay. All seems to be working fine with the disc. Many thanks again (our second purchase from you). J&J (Spain).

Fantastic service. Disc despatched straight away and reached Spain within a week. Many thanks. Disc very good quality and easy to use. J.D.

CD arrived this morning, thank you. Have enjoyed browsing, and look forward to reading it in greater detail. Very happy with; satisfied customer, again! C.R.

I just want to say thank you so very much for your efficient and very speedy service. I am so impressed. The CD I ordered arrived yesterday and I am absolutely delighted with the quality and with the content I have read so far. I am trying to find out as much as I can about Heckmondwike, where my maternal grandfather was born, and this CD of the book is an absolute gem. J.D. My very sincere and grateful thanks to you.

I have recently purchased 2 CD Roms and the first to arrive is Huddersfield and its vicinity by D.F.E. Sykes L.L.B published in 1898. This is a most useful volume and it is superbly reproduced in pdf file format. The Search facility is invaluable. Alltogether a very good service and excellent value for money. Many Thanks T.G.

My CD ROM of "The History of Hull" has excellent instructions on how to use it, it opened without difficulty, and my Adobe reader device was able to run the CD brilliantly. I now look foward to hours of reading this old and compelling history of this ancient and time-worn city. I would certainly buy another book in your large library of rare books. L.F.

Thank you very much for your speedy service, the discs arriving within 2 days, and the quality of the product exceeded expectation. I believe that any reference book is only as good as its index which makes the PDF format superb for these editions. However the active link system which you have incorporated into the History and Antiquities of Cleveland is even better. I have no hesitation in recommending your site and look forward to further dealings. E.S.

Once again, many thanks for a superb service. I received "Halifax Parish Wills Vol.1 today, 27 July; about five days after placing the order. The standard and the presentation is excellent. Instructions are clear and concise. The excellent web-site and the ease of navigating it is worthy of another mention, as is the information given to enable one to know accuratley the content of the CD-Rom's. A.S. (New Zealand)

Thank you for the two CDs which arrived on Wednesday 21st July. I can't complain about the delivery service!! Or about the quality of the CDs, which have kept me occupied for two days. They work like dreams. A.G.B.

Thank you for the CD rom History of Scarborough. I am very pleased with your service, knowledge and expertise in the product. The books are a pleasure to use with the search facilty a great bonus. B.B.

Many thanks for the CD-rom comprising Northowram non-conformist register, Northowram, its history and antiquities and Oliver Heywoods diaries. The service was excellent. The CD-rom arrived on 15 May,5 days after the order. I'm absolutely delighted with the standard and the presentation. The instructions provided are clear and consise. No problems whatsoever in finding the topics I wanted. On visiting your web-site, I was particulary impressed with the information given to enable one to know precisely what is covered, and the ease of navigating thrugh the system. One of our family lines is the Northend family whom we have traced back to the 1200's. The CD-rom has been most helpful. A.S. (New Zealand)

Very impressed with this site. Confirmation e-mail came through within hours and the CD Rom was here in a couple of days. Excellent way of navigating and searching through old books! M.J.

2 CD`s received after just two days. Great website, fast efficient service, affordable prices and a brilliant idea for those of us who cannot always read the book. This has been especially of interest to me as I am disabled and cannot easily turn pages of a book. Many thanks. C.W.

Good value for money, with a quick delivery service. Just what the online customer requires! K.W.

Great service. Very good product at a very reasonable price. PT

Your delivery was brilliant with the CD arriving next day. The CD itself is very interesting, excellent quality and very good value. VL.

Superb service! Thanks v much. Parish map excellent. A.R.

Hi there, thanks for the cd Hunters South Yorkshire, amazingly quick delivery considering all the snow as well. The cd is excellent and just what I was looking for, having spent the last two years resaerching the family tree and spending countless hours on the internet. I could have saved so much time if I had bought this cd first. KW

Hi there thanks for the cd Hunters south yorkshire, amazingly quick delivery considering all the snow as well. The cd is excellent and just what i was looking for, having spent the last two years resaerching the family tree and spending countless hours on the internet I could have saved so much time if I had bought this CD first.

Many thanks, prompt delivery and a great product, good quality,easy to use and very informative. I will enjoy many hours reading through these CD`s. K.P.

I was amazed at the speed of the delivery considering we are just two weeks off Christmas. Very pleased with the CD which is very informative and easy to navigate. J.D.

Hi.Thanks for the CD, quality is excellent, received within two days from ordering. Really enjoyed reading will help me greatly with my research. Thanks again. D.P.

Thankyou for the CD (Bolton,Bowling and Horton) it's the best fifteen quid I've spent in a long time. Not only is it good quality and easy to use, but the contents are just what I needed. I can trace my direct line back to around 1600 in Bowling, so the information about the area helps me understand how they lived and worked and makes it more real. . ..[snip] In the past 24hrs I have run this disc constantly, so the quality needs to be good and it certainly is. I will be looking to see what other books you have and will definately buy from you again. I'm over the moon and can't thank you enough. N.H.

CD arrived within 2 days. Many thanks!! It works perfectly and is already proving helpful. B.D.

Superb service -fast and the cd is great, works perfectly. S.D.

My CD arrived very quickly and works perfectly. Love the links in the index. I'm sure this is going to prove very helpful in my research. Many thanks!!! C.N.

I was absolutely delighted with the Harry Speight "Craven" & "Upper Wharfedale". Clear, easy to read and to navigate. They've been a great help in researching my family history background. That's why I've ordered the two new ones and I'm looking forward to delving into them. I check the website from time to time for any new titles.S.G.

I received the Boggs CDROM yesterday, Nov 5. Works great!! Thankyou. G.H.

Excellent service & delivery. The CD Skipton history excellent very informative & easy to use. C.W.

I received the excellent CD rom of the "4 books" of Todmorden, it's History and people... Brilliant all round!! Item arrived very quickly and was just as described... so much information and so little space to take up storing it!! I now need to spend some quality time reading the wealth of information now available to me.... Many thanks and will certainly keep an eye your other products for future purchases. S.B.

I am very happy with the CDrom. I would be happy to order other CDroms from you and to recommend your products to others. D.L.

Hi from the other side of the world. I have today received the last 2 CDs I ordered and would like to say how impressed I have been with them and your prompt attention in despatching them to me. Needless to say I have been glued to the computer since receiving them. There are still 2 others I am interested in but I fear they will have to wait until after Christmas. I was born in Hull, East Yorkshire and my ancestors come from the Holderness area going back to the 17th century up to press - hence my interest in the above CDs which are absolutely fascinating. Thank you once again. Regards V.B.

Received goods as specified on the tin - delivered promptly and as specified. Thanks, K.H.

Thank you for sending my CD off so quickly, I received it this morning. I have found the item my mother mentioned to me about Reevy Hall and also found a few other family members mentioned too. Really interesting. I found it very easy to use and the way you have done the pictures is very good. One of the pictures is of Folly Hall Road, Wibsey where my 2 x great grandparents lived for many years, so that is a real bonus. My family came from Wibsey and Low Moor and my husband's from Halifax, Queensbury, Clayton and Thornton all mentioned on the CD so lots for us to look at. Thanks again. L.H.

Very professional presentation and probably the best I have seen. Very good value, especially considering the current price asked for the original book(Hunter's South Yorkshire). Thank You, AJW.

I was very pleased with both the service and the product, Thank you. S.T.

I have quite a few of your CDs,and have never had any trouble with them,they have been a great help in my research, and my family tree,keep up the good work, E.A.G.

I have been through the three CD-ROMs, dealing with Halifax, Skipton, and the Deanery of Craven. All of them are very well done, including the reproduction of the illustrations. The search function worked very well. I am very happy to have the information in all of them without having to spend the money to acquire the original editions, s everal of which have become very expensive. Keep up the good work! J.B.

Excellent result. I was able to search the book with ease to find exactly what I was looking for. W.L.

All three CDs have now arrived. Thanks. The quality is superb and I have really enjoyed reading the sections pertinent to my family research. I will recommend you to friends. C.B.

Thanks very much for the CD. It arrived quickly and is exactly what I had hoped for..... great service! E.M.

Many thanks for the excellent CDrom.It is far better than I expected and certainly cheaper than the book!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F.H.

I recently received my Hunter's Hallamshire cdrom, and am very impressed with the quality of the scans. I am very much enjoying reading through it, and happy to see so much helpful information which I was looking for. Top quality and service. Thank you so much! L.S

I am very pleased with the CD copy of Hunter's South Yorkshire received this week. It was despatched very promptly and well wrapped. The image quality is very good, and I particularly like the search facility. It makes a very hard to find and expensive book a whole lot more accessible to the home user. P.D.

The CDrom arrived very promply and I am very pleased with it. Access and readability very good.

Thank you very much for the disk of Nidderdale and the Timbles - it has again been fascinating reading and is proving to be yet another valuable resource in my researches of Wharfedale and the surrounding areas. N.W.

Just to let you know the CD of Hunter's Hallamshire arrived safely today. It is very well done (eg searchable and you have preserved the pagination in Acrobat - you would be amazed at how many people do not know how to do that!)
However, my filecutter Machen ancestors from Ecclesfield did not move in high enough circles to figure - but my (very late) mother was a member of the Hunter Society and always wanted a copy of the book - I've got the next best thing. A.M.

I have just received the CD on the history of Holderness. I have not had time to look at it in any detail but I feel it will become an invaluable aid in my understanding of the region in which many generations of my father's ancestors lived. The addition of a map to show the names and locations of the various parishes is a big help to people such as myself as it enables me to fix paricular ancestors within a specific location. I was born and brought up in Hull and have relatives still in Hornsea so I felt that I knew the area reasonably well but I had never heard of the parishes of Owthorne, Hollym or many more.
I look forward to getting more use out of the CD in the near future. B.H.

Received History of Hedon CD ROM. It is certainly living up to my expectations and proving straighforward to navigate. Many thanks for your efficient service. J.R.

Fantastic to have the information at my fingertips, well laid out, excellant resolution, and directions. C.C.

I have just spent the afternoon looking through the CDROM (Harrogate Records) I bought and have found many references to my family in Pannal. It is going to be a great help with my searches and a very useful addition to my family history library. R.W.

Received History of Holderness CD ROM at beginning of November. I am delighted with the format and am thoroughly enjoying my research of the contents. Many thanks for making this valuable record available. J.R.

CDs arrived very quickly (as promised) and, as always, very high quality. I am very pleased, as always, to be able to have access to books which as difficult, and expensive to purchase in the original form. Thank you. K.M.

Many thanks for 'Sedbergh, Garsdale and Dent', which arrived promptly and by which I am much delighted. It's a thoroughly professional job, and sold at a modest price. P.T.

(Yorkshire Coiners) Excellent CD, links from original index to relevent chapters and good quality scans of all illustrations, highly recommended. M.N.

CD is fine ......good, efficient service. Thank you ! N.D.

The two CD's I ordered arrived within 4 days of ordering and both contain great infomation that I need for research. The scanning quality is great and they are really easy to search using Adobe. Overall top service and quality. thank you. H.G.

CD Book arrived safely and in excellent condition. Thank you for providing excellent service. All the best. L.R.

Very many thanks, CD's are excellent and digitised very well. Service was prompt...what more could you ask for! N.H.

I'm currently writing a history of the Low Moor Company and although I already have original copies of many of the books I've purchased from you , it's the search facility I find most useful. It often brings up references I have missed (It was especially useful for Parkers messy book!) It also keeps the originals in good condition and is useful for printing out pages as sources. Keep up the good work. M.T.

Thanks for the Morley Ancient and Modern CDrom. I am delighted with it. I have been getting the book out of the Library and as it is a special copy I have to have to get it renewed every week. J.H.

The CD of Whitaker's History of Richmondshire arrived promptly and works fine. It represents good value compared with a 40 mile round trip to the Record Office for a few hours of manually searching an original copy. J.L.

The CD's have arrived safely, I am just working my way through them and they are great full of the info I was looking for. Thank you so much. D.V.

My Hunter's Hallamshire arrived very promptly and I am delighted with it, I just need to find several free hours to appreciate it properly. Many thanks. J.R.

Following my order and your e-mail acknowledgement I received the Todmorden CD this morning. Quality is excellent and very good service on your part. Many thanks. M.F.

Colin, the CD arrived promptly, works beautifully on our Vista computer (not all purchased CDs have), and we are delighted with it. Many thanks. J.B.

A very efficient service and a great way to research old documents. Would strongly recommend. G.A.

I have bought a number of Cdrom Books of you in the past. Always in excellent condition, Followed by an excellent service.
Many Thanks. G.T.

Delighted with both CDs. I have the two volume facsimile edition of Hunter and an original edition of Smith. The CDs will save considerable wear and tear on the printed volumes. Many thanks indeed. A.F.

Delighted to receive today 'History of Craven'. Absolutely fascinating - we've spent quite some time already dipping into various sections. You have done a brilliant job with superb reproduction.
Thank you for making the unaffordable available. Also impressed with the difficult task of cleaning-up the Langdale printing. J.H.

Thanks for your email and thanks also for your service of making these books available. I am a family researcher for an old Yorkshire family. I previously ordered your CD of Scaum's History of Beverlac and now this.
In both cases it was because the index was searchable and I was able to find out that information I needed was on the CD.

Many thanks for the prompt delivery of the CDrom 'History of Craven'. Delighted with the clarity of the images. Having fun learning to manipulate the program, easier than I thought. B.E.

Just received "Huddersfield and its vicinity." Very professionally made and great service. A fantastic way to get access to old books of this kind. Keep up the good work. N.C.

I wanted to provide some feedback on the Poulson Holderness CD-ROM. I have worked through it twice and will be spending some additional time later as I prepare for our visit to Hedon. You did a marvelous job. I found it quite easy to use, and I had no difficulty finding points of specific interest. The prints came through superbly. I liked the active navigation features and made some use of them, but I also made a page-by-page examination so as to develop a better understanding of the contents. The genealogical data are as easy to use as that kind of chart can ever be, and the entries are certainly quite clear! The maps are superb! J.B.

CD arrived promptly & in good order. No problems loading or navigating. A fine piece of work which is just what I was looking for. Well done! F.T.

Can't fault your service or product, thanks. M.B.

Good preview on website. Good follow up of order. Prompt despatch. Excellent product, well up to expectations. J.H.

I was delighted with the CDrom of Whitaker's Loidis in Elmet just as I was with the Thoresby's Ducatus I bought from you some time ago. The beauty about these - apart from them being exact replicas and you can thus quote them with confidence in any academic work - it enables people like me to acquire books which would be virtually impossible to buy. And - though I hate the expression - they are so user friendly. Keep up the good work. Let's hope more Leeds tomes become available. D.T.

I have received the CD ROM of Plantagenet - Harrison ( History of Yorkshire). 30 years ago I read parts of this book in the Archivists in Northallerton, although it is now not made available. I can only say that I am delighted by the quality of this Cd-Rom. Not only is the 'readability' excellent, but also the searching tool works extremely well. Hope to order other products like this. G.A.

I have not yet read in full the books which you have already sent, but, as far as feedback goes thus far, the quality is, without fail, excellent. I have found them easily searchable, which is a great bonus and has saved me many hours, as besides having a love of the area and it's history, I am also using them to help with some family research, in which they have been an invaluable aid too. I discovered your material through searching the internet, but I am sure there is much greater public demand for this sort of work. W.S.

Received my cd yesterday. Very prompt service. Very reasonable cost. Keep up the good work. CD has already given me some new leads in my family tree quest. It is very interesting to read about the various areas around Pickering. B.M.

The CD Rom was very well received by my hubby on his birthday. He's finding it very interesting and loves the maps. It arrived with plenty of time to spare and was well packaged. Thanks again, G.R.

My CD Greenwood's "Picture of Hull" arrived today, a very efficient service indeed! I am really impressed with the quality and navagibility of the text and would happily recommend and use this service myself again. Many thanks, SB.

Absolutely brilliant, I am so glad I finally got round to purchasing the CDROM (Bogg's Richmondshire). Many thanks Colin. M.D.

I just wanted to say thanks very much for the CD rom book I ordered this week, "Hunter's South Yorkshire". I received the CD promptly and am very pleased with the quality and content of the disc. I also appreciate the very efficient search facility. Regards from a very satisfied customer, FK.

Thanks for the 2 cd's I received recently. The delivery was quick and well packaged. The quality of the reproductions is fantastic, and they are very easy to navigate around. I am very impressed by the fact that I now have such detailed information without having to have the actual books. A big 'thank you'from me.

I am absolutely delighted with the CD and It's better than I would have expected by the description. I am a volunteer at a local museum and data you have supplied will help me immensly. Once again. Thank you very much. A very satisfied customer. FB.

Thank you for the prompt service! I received the CD rom on the history of Haddlesey and am thrilled with the quality and information provided. Although I haven't yet read the whole 'book' it's so interesting to read about the history of the village where my family lived. Many thanks, F.B.

Quality Product Just what I wanted. Quality Service: Fair Price. NH.

Many thanks for the excellent CD Roms for both Todmorden & district and the Keighley books. Both have been quite helpful in research. The history of Stanbury (Keighley) was particularly of interest with mentions of several families of my ancestors!! R.L.

Just received "Speight's, Bogg's and Wheater's - Lower Wharfedale" CD. Excellent quality and lots of stuff I'd never come across before. Very highly recommended. Thank you! S.W.

Now had some time to look through the CD and found it very interesting as some of my relations are mentioned in the book and I have gleaned quite a bit of extra information. The old map is useful as well as because it names quite a few areas that would be difficult to find today but could have been mentioned in past censuses. The quality is excellent and it all runs very smoothly so congratulations to you!
I am now aiming to track down some old photographs of Thornton le Dale and the surrounding area.
Thanks for your prompt service and quality goods. I shall not hesitate to recommend you to other people. L.G.

Thank you for the CD, it's better than expected by far. Just what I wanted. Once again, thanks, S.

Fabulous CD - VERY professional and informative. Great service and I Will be back! Thank you and Cheers, P.C. (Texas)

The CD J.Horsfall Turner's "Halifax Families" etc is superb. The quality of all three items on the CD is incredible. The quality of reproduction and ease of reading the text is probably better than the originals. The CD arrived in excellent condition, 2 days after placing the order. Your service is of the same high quality as your products. I will certainly be placing another order with you. C.M.

All 3 CDs arrived extremely quickly and efficiently and, although I have only had a chance to scan them briefly, it looks as though they will be invaluable to my family history research. Altogether a very successful transaction, executed extremely efficiently. Thank you. I look forward to dealing with you again before too long.

Colin, What a fantastic afternoon I have had since the arrival of the CD Roms this morning. It is fantastic and full of information about families I have been researching over the last forty years. I have only looked at Bolton & Bowling up to now but have found the reproduction first class so thank you, S.H.

Received your CD book on thursday, good quality and fast postage many thanks

Many thanks for Walkers Wakefield. I have always wanted this book but could never find it. I have had a quick look and it looks fascinating. I can't wait for the time to read it. M.G.

The CD duly arrived yesterday, many thanks for the prompt despatch. I have only dipped into it so far to find it is just what I needed. Good clear images. S.K.

Received Speight on CD: thanks v. much: loved it: it's great being about to search the PDF rather than wander haphazardly through a 500-page volume! A.G.

My daughter bought me the 'Sedbergh Garsdale and Dent' book for my birthday and it is EXCELLENT - just what I wanted and very easy to navigate. I will be checking your site for any new additions on a regular basis. S.M.

Many thanks for CD which arrived this morning. Excellent service and excellent product - again. Much more info: as to who has got my six oxgangs and owes me millions of pounds in rent!! M.N.

May I just say how delighted I am with the CD ROM of Ralph Thoresby's Ducatus Leodiensis. I have found it very easy to use and invaluable for the research I have been undertaking over past few months. I have recommended wholeheartedly it to a number of people in the area. Thank you again, M.P.

I've found morley ancient & modern not only first class value but also an insight into my place of birth that I am fascinated to be able to explore thanks to your efforts. M.S.

Received the items the following day, fantastic service. Top quality items at a very reasonable price. Will definitely use in the future. Thanks Colin. S.L.

Excellent prompt service, Cd was well-packed. The content of the Cd was first-rate. Easy to use and search. I shall spend many happy hours reading and researching from it. Many thanks and congratulations to you on such a splendid job. N.A.

Have just received 'Richmondshire' Volumes I & II a delightful CD, and wonderful to be able to have access and read such old books. Will be looking out for other CDs from you in the future. Good doing business with you. Many thanks S.M.

I'm not usually effusive in my praise, but this is marvellous. Just what I wanted! The search facility is excellent. Delivery was express. Very many thanks. B.D.

Nice work, Hunters Hallamshire CD, please let me know should the Reverend Gatty's version of this book ever make it onto CD. R.B.

Fast reliable service, would recommend to anyone. Thanks. S.L.

My feedback is that I am very happy with both books. Hard to see how they could have been done any better. J.D.

Very prompt delivery and impressed with efficient service. Thank you! I.W.

Dear Colin
Just to let you know that the CD of the Sedbergh books arrived a few weeks ago. They are excellently produced and extremely useful research aids, enhanced by the chapter links and full searchability. What is more, they are great value, at a fraction of the price it would cost me to purchase the books second hand. J.D.

Have just received a copy of 'History and Antiquities of Hemingborough' in the post and just had to write to let you know how pleased we are. It arrived just 48 hours after making the order and the reproduction is perfect. The 'search' facility makes it of more use to the family researcher than the original. We have found a host of references to our family which has made their history come to life for us. Thank you again. M.R.

Excellent. Fast service, good communication. Look forward to going through the Smith of Doncaster CD in depth. Thanks J.H.

Thanks for another two excellent CD-ROMs, Colin. Beautifully produced as ever, with great attention to detail and thoughtfulness for the user, they are fascinating even for the casual reader. If you have family who come from the places concerned, they are invaluable! Having tried to scan old books in the past, I know how difficult it can be to get a nice flat image - but how essential for comfortable reading. Your CDs are perfect for the job. IR

I just wanted to say thanks for the good work on the "History of Wakefield" CD. It is excellent - very good quality and easy to read. I'm delighted with the CD and wouldn't hesitate to come back. SW.

The quality of these CD-ROMs is amazing, considering the age of the books used. The text is clear and readable, and the illustrations are beautifully fresh. The added extras - maps etc - are completely relevant and useful additions, and helpful if the reader's grasp of Yorkshire geography is a little woolly. IR

Many thanks for the CDs very useful and interesting! WJ (Monaco)

Dear Colin,
I sent for two of your CDs before Christmas but have only recently had the time to look at them properly. Fantastic, brilliant, in the first half hour of looking at Historical Notes on Bradford Corporation I found one of my family mentioned. We knew he was a councillor but didn't know much else, we now know that he served for quite a long time and the dates. Thank you, the quality is superb and so easy to follow links, I have sent off for Bolton and Bowling, and Rambles round Horton today and so looking foreword to it coming as the rest of my family come from there. CT.

Thank you Colin, the CD Hunter's South Yorkshire arrived this morning (Thursday 18th.). It is very easy to use and will save me many trips to Barnsley library where there are hard backed copies of the two books. MRW

Dear Colin, The CD Rom (Richmondshire) arrived this morning. Thank you. I am just writing to let you know that it far exceeded my expectations. I have used several web based copies and scans of books and the quality of yours is excellent by comparison. It was well packaged and your service was efficient and timely. Thank you once again, AH

Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for the CD which arrived today. My husband always says that the way to run a good business is to make it easy for people to give you their money and you made it nice and easy for me. Payment was simple and straightforward, delivery was super fast and the CD is just as described. I would be happy to buy from you again and would certainly recommend you to others. So thanks again for great service, Kind regards, CP

Hi Colin,
Received CDs yesterday and have just looked (quickly) through 'Morley Ancient and Modern' I would just like to say how impressed I am with the quality of the contents and how the links to chapters and photos/engravings work really well.
The effort that you have obviously put into this project shows in the presentation and if the other 4 CD's are as good as this then I look forward to hours of pure pleasure! From an ex-pat Yorkshireman living in Surrey -Thank you. GR

Dear Colin,
Thank you for the excellent CD ROM of the "History and Antiquities of Hemingbrough" by Thomas Burton. As usual the quality of the book and the promptness and efficiency of your service are much appreciated. Now having fun filling in the background to my Hemingborough ancestors! With sincere thanks, JB

Delighted with the CDrom. The quality of reproduction is excellent, the active links very helpful, and the books are a jolly good read. I've spent most of the weekend reading them, and Harry Speight's "Nidderdale" has confirmed (well..... 99% point something confirmed) one of my genealogical hypotheses, so I'm very happy! I've already recommended the CDrom to a contact, & hope your orders are increased as a result. Many thanks! SL.

Dear Mr. Hinson
My sister here in Oregon ordered a copy of your CD of Poulson's Holderness book for me, and I wanted to send off a note to you, with thanks for the really excellent and detailed interactive features you have embedded in this old text. I wasn't expecting anything like it. I am just delighted. It's simply better than having the book itself would be. Many thanks for this excelletn research tool. Very truly yours, R S.

Colin, I just wanted to say thankyou for your work in putting these Rare Books onto CD-ROM for public purchase/access. I recently purchased "Harrogate Records" and "The History of Harrogate" - thankyou for your prompt mailing. They make fascinating reading, especially for someone like me on the other side of the world, with distant family roots in that area, but have not had the opportunity to visit, and negligible access to such books, either to read or purchase. Again, a very big Thank You. GB

Recently a friend of mine helped me acquire the "History of Skipton" by W. Harbutt Dawson (1882) and I am absolutely grateful to him for getting it and to you for making the CD. The scanned pages are very clear and free of any blemishes. The pictures in the book are lovely. It is a real treat to read about the olden days of Skipton and find family names as well! I could not be more pleased! The CD was well packed and arrived in the US quickly. Everything was top notch! Thank you so much, Marilyn P. Goodgion

Hi Colin,
Having spent two hours trawling the CDs, I have to say that they have not shed a great deal of light on my research subject which is the History of The Independent Methodist Church in Chapel Street, Cleckheaton. The group I am interested in was known originally as Christian Brethren and they were dissenters from the Wesleyan Methodist Church in Cleckheaton. This does not detract from the contents of the CDs; they are excellent and I found both of them fascinating and informative particularly as I discovered that the first Methodist meeting in the area was held in a cottage virtually on the site of my present home. That stopped me in my tracks! Another enlightening fact was the accidental death of a preacher in the street where I now live! These two discoveries alone have brought the history alive for me. Your CDs were well worth the purchase price despite their lack of information regarding The Independent Methodist Church denomination but I am sure I shall continue to dip in at regular intervals just to find out more about the history of the Spen Valley generally. I hope this bit of feedback is of help to you. DMH

Thanks for your E-mail, I already had your CD of Cudsworths Rambles round Bolton and Bowling. I used it lot in my research into the Bowling Iron Works in Bradford.The quality of the scanning is super and the search system outstanding. I was using it on Monday at the Bradford Industrial Museum ( they let me use their records and Library) when the Keeper of the Records saw the CD in action he wanted a copy for the Museum. As it's almost imposable for them to place small orders without using up a Rain Forest with paperwork it would generate, I fell soft and donated mine hence the order for my two CDs. Many thanks for your excellent work, Best wishes PM

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