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Copyright & conditions of use.

Copyright and conditions of use.

If you have any queries with respect to these CDroms/pdf downloads, please contact us.

And, "on the other side of the coin":

Wherever possible, we try to ensure that the books we scan are out of copyright. Copyright exists in an original work for 70 years after the death of the author. This means that if someone wrote a book in 1935 and then died the year after, then the book would be out of copyright in 2006. However if someone wrote a book at the age of (say) 29, and then died at the age of 99 then his book would be in copyright for 140 years in total. So, if the book he wrote was published in 1870, the book is still in copyright and will be until 2010 ! This means of course that in order to know that a book is in or out of copyright, you need to know the date of death of the author; if you've ever tried to find out the date of death of any of your ancestors, you will know how difficult it can be!

We have dates for the death of most of the authors of the books we publish on CDrom/pdf download, but by no means all. Some of the books that are in copyright we have the permission of the copyright owner to publish, and in the case of two of the books the authors are alive (Gerald Stratford and Roy Price).

In each case where we do not know the death date of the author, it is not for lack of trying. We have gone through "the Book Trust" and tried to contact the publishers (or their present owners). The Book Trust used to be very good at tracing the present owners of the publishers, but the publishers, with one or two exceptions, have proved a "brick wall". So, if you are the copyright owner of one or more of the books you see published on this site, please contact us and we will either remove the relevant CD/pdf download from sale or we can work out some agreement on royalties.

We have various books that we know are in copyright and would be interested in publishing, so if you are in the list below (or are the heir to the copyright of someone in the list), then please contact us.

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