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CDrom versions and pdf versions of old and rare books.

Ordering & Payment Information.

$D The Price for the CDrom is post paid to your door only if in the U.K.
We no longer post CDroms abroad due to the high cost (over £4)
Please request a download if you are outside the U.K.

Note that downloads are set up manually and therefore will not be instant.

Payment methods:

There are two methods of payment available:

  1. With a Sterling cheque drawn on a UK bank or Sterling Money order..
    1. Note that Sterling cheques drawn on a non-UK bank are not acceptable (it costs us £5 to cash each cheque).
    2. If you include your email address, we will confirm by email that we have received your order through the post.
  2. Via Paypal using a credit card - we don't charge our customers extra.
    1. The PayPal system allows you to send money to anyone with an email address. If you pay in your own currency you will be charged a small amount by PayPal for any currency conversion required to pounds Sterling. There is no surcharge from us if you use PayPal.
    2. To pay for a CD from us via PayPal, you have two options:
      1. You can set up an account with PayPal (free), transfer some money into your PayPal account with your credit card and then go through the "checkout" procedure from our website by the use of one of the "Add to basket" or "View Basket" buttons. This account can be used to receive money too (for instance payments from Ebay).
      2. You can pay PayPal directly by credit card as if you were paying directly to us. To do this, go to the "Check out" as above and take the "Check out" option (as opposed to the "PayPal Check out" option
    3. This is a secure payment system, and we never get to see any of your credit card details. We receive a message from PayPal as soon as you have "checked out", telling us that there is a payment available. CDroms will be sent to the address you have registered with PayPal, and acknowledgements of the order will be sent to the email address you have registered with PayPal
    4. Whenever you pay through PayPal, please ensure that you are on the secure site (the URL starts with "https", and there is a closed padlock at the bottom right of the browser window).
    5. There are full instructions and plenty of help on the secure PayPal web site. Note that if you are setting up an account, when asked for the country code you need to use the country telephone code for your country (i.e. the code you would put in front of your phone number if calling home from abroad). Your telephone number needs to be the number that you would normally give people to contact you. If you have problems with the phone number, try removing the leading "0". When entering your Credit Card number, do not include any spaces.
    Whatever you do, do not attempt to have 2 PayPal accounts with the same credit card (e.g. one for yourself and one for your spouse with a joint account). This will result in your not being able to use either account!! (each one will say "you cannot use this account because there is another account with the same credit card number").

The Price for the CDrom is post paid to your door only if in the U.K.
We no longer post CDroms abroad due to the high cost (over £4)
Please request a download if you are outside the U.K.
. The CDroms will be sent in a black plastic flexible case contained in a "Jiffy bag" (bubble wrap padded). This has proved very reliable with (so far) no CDrom case damage.

Please make sure you have read and accept the paragraphs on "Copyright" and "Conditions of use" (on the copyright page) and that you are aware that you are paying purely for the scanned page data and not for any Freeware or Shareware software included on the CDrom.

No charge is made for the Shareware versions of Paint Shop Pro which are included on the History of Craven CD which contains some .png files in case you have no other Graphics program available to read the files. Also included on this CD is a Freeware viewer "Irfan View" which is purely a viewer and not a graphics editor.

If when ordering by post, you include your email address, we will confirm to you that we have received your order and will let you know when it has been dispatched (but please make sure you give us the correct email address!). Orders are normally dispatched on the day of receipt of the order, but please allow for us being out of the country on business (or even on holiday) for short periods.

Average time to be delivered:

Cheques etc. should be made payable to "P. Hinson".

Our address is:

Yorkshire CD books
119 High Street,
MK44 3NW,

Our telephone number is:

(+44)(0)1767 640503

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