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We have now cleared all of our CDroms and so we now do downloads only.

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Our Shop is divided into 5 sections which include a total of over 100 CDs:

  1. The East Riding with The Ainsty and York
  2. The North Riding
  3. The West Riding
  4. The whole of Yorkshire (books covering the whole of Yorkshire
  5. Other Areas (such as Lancashire, Lincolnshire, British Isles etc.)

The "old" Ridings are used because the books we have as pdf files were originally published well before 1974 when the new counties were "invented". If you are in doubt as to which Riding your place of interest was in, then you should find the "Where is it in Yorkshire" pages on the Genuki Yorkshire web-site of use in ascertaining this.

Our latest releases are shown below.
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Our latest Cdrom releases

New CD The Yorkshire Baptists and Congregationalism in Yorkshire 2 books on one CDrom. Various Authors and James G. Miall Price
more book details
These two books describe the two religious groups and list all the relevant Churches and Chapels in existence at the time of writing. (Baptists 1912, and Congregationalists 1868 ).
New CD The History of Honley (and its hamlets) Mrs. Mary A. Jagger Price
more book details
This book covers Honley and its hamlets from "the start of time to the present day (1914). Plenty of names, family details etc. etc.

If you didn't find anything you liked, or have an interest in "the real book", then you might like to have a look at

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