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All our downloads are presented as scanned images in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format. We have now cleared all of our CDroms and now do downloads only.

Note that downloads are set up manually and therefore will not be instant.

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A simple list of the books available for the above area follows.
For details on the book, please take the relevant "Details" link.


History of Whalley (with the honor of Clitheroe and parish of Cartmell) Both volumes on one CDrom Dr. T.D. Whitaker LL.D., F.S.A. Book
The 1868 National Gazetteer 3 Volumes on one CDrom Virtue & Co. Book

Included on all our Yorkshire CDroms are 5 maps:

We take pride in our work, and try to put the best possible scanned images on the CDroms that we produce so that they are easily readable on a computer monitor without having to strain to read. The scanned images of text pages in our pdf files are black and white (not greyscale) and when printed will give you a good facsimile of the page as it was when originally printed. The images have around 95% of the spurious dots removed (and 99.9% of the smaller ones), and are centred on the pages which are, where possible, a consistent size - we write our own software for doing this. The images are as square to the page as we can get them. Needless to say, the processing required to give you this quality image, along with making the image on the CDrom searchable, all takes time and money, and we believe our CDs are second to none in quality and value for money.

All of the books above are machine searchable i.e. you can search for a word (name) or a phrase. Being machine searchable also allows the Acrobat "Read out loud" facility to work for those who are visually impaired.

All of the books are scanned with the pages as flat as possible to the image sensor in order to keep scanning distortions to a minimum - we do not use an overhead scanner which gives horizontally compressed characters towards the centre of the book due to the curve on the pages and does not remove the print skewing relative to the page edges that occurs in many of the older books.


The images on the CDroms and in the downloads are in Acrobat pdf format. For the CDroms these are presented as individual books accessible from a common starting point which should appear automatically when the CDrom is inserted in the computer. The downloadable pdf files are single pdf files for the CDrom equivalent.

If you would prefer the real book(s), please contact The Idle Booksellers through their website.

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