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"Morley, Ancient and Modern"


the Contents of the book

"Morley, Ancient and Modern"


William Smith

Please note that this index is given in good faith as a guide to the contents of the book, but there may be errors in both the original index and the transcription of the index.

Numbers in brackets give the number of pages referenced when greater than one.

Early History of Yorkshire; Homes of the Britons; The Romans in Morley;
The "Street "; Discovery of Bronze Weapons; With the Norivans;
Morley in Domesday Book; The Plantagenet Period; Social Condition
of the People; Poll Tax List; Significance of Names; Traits of
Character; The Subsidy Roll; Phases of Village Life; Sir John
Savile; The Commonwealth Era; Heywood's Notices of Morley ; The
Hearth or Chimney Tax; Morley Contributors

The Farnley Wood Plot; Major Greathead and the Morley Conspirators;
Captain Thomas Oates; Collapse of the Plot; Defence of the Plotters;
Objects sought by the Conspirators; Trial and Condemnation of the

The Morley Wapentake; Sheriff's Tourne Court; Morley the Capital of
the " Hundred "; Extracts from Sessions Rolls; Sir Michael Wentworth's
Regiment and the Morley Contingent; Land Tax, 1692; Morley
Town's Book, 1751; The Overseer: his Duties and Responsibilities;
Some Morley Worthies; The Apprenticeship System; The Constable;
Morley the Head of a Constabulary Division in 17th Century; The
Ducking Stool; The Brank ; The Stocks; The Dog Whipper; "Whindow
Peeping"; Ancient Customs; The Village Watchman

The Surveyor of Highways; Drinking Customs in the Olden Time;
Ancient Modes of Locomotion; The "Bell; Horses " in Morley;
Accommodation Roads; Roller Waggons; The Old Coaching Days;
The Village Carrier; Railway Facilities; The Pinder and Bye; law
Man; Perambulation of the Boundaries

Morley Fifty Years Ago; Curious Reminiscences; Antiquated Customs;
A Ramble round and about the Village; The Nelson's Arms Inn,
with Notices of Public; house Signs and Tavern Life; St. Peter's
Church; The Lodge; Coal; Mining in Olden Times; Dean Wood and
its Swinish Associations; The Old White Swan; The Lords of Morley;
Gore Well; Quakers' Burial Ground; The Cemetery; The Old Angel
Inn and its Brave Landlord

A Bit of Old Morley; Home Life Fifty Years Ago; A Typical Morley
Home; Description of Exterior and Interior; Furniture and Fittings;
Decorations ; Farm Houses of the Period; The Dress of the People

Amusements; ; Archery, Football, Cricket, Knur and Spell, etc.; Ancient
Customs connected with Christmas, New Year's Day, Valentine Day,
Shrovetide, May Day, Whitsuntide, etc. ; Music in Morley; Some
Musical Enthusiasts; Curious Customs; Riding the Stang;
Pack-Sheeting; The Henpecked Club; Funeral Customs

Bruntcliffe; Mission Church; Scholecroft; Ancient Corn Mill; Parr's Mill;
Discovery of Mungo ; Lady Anne's Well; Howley Hall; Nevison
the Highwayman at Howley; The Stone Trade in Morley; Cross
Hall; Mrs Fletcher's Memorial Chapel; Cross Hall Board School;
Education in Morley; Dames' Schools; Benefit Societies; Stump Cross

Political Life in Morley ; The Morley Division; Return of First M.P.;
Five Ancient Hamlets; Bridge Street; The Village Carrier; The
Temperance Movement in Morley; Agriculture in the Olden Time;
Ratten Row; The Townend, and some of its quaint Characters;
Ancient Medical Prescriptions

The Flush Pond; Cinderhill; National School; St. Paul's Church; Floral
and Agricultural Society; Hungerhill; Ebenezer School and Chapel;
Wesleyan Schools and Chapel; Old Preaching House; Bethel Free
Church; Baptist Tabernacle; Baths and Market; Queen's Park; Zion
School and Chapel; The Manor House; Co; operative Stores; The Old
Parsonage; Offices of the Local Board; Grant of Charter of
Incorporation; Election of First Mayor, Aldermen, and Councillors

St. Mary's in the Wood; Notice in Domesday Book; The Chapel of St.
Nicholas; The Norman Church; The "Queer End "; Saxon Cross;
Ancient Scrolls on the Walls; Copies of Inscriptions; The New
Congregational Church

The Religious and Legal Changes at St. Mary's; Services of the Romish
Church; The Puritan Form of Worship; Lease of Chapel to the
Presbyterians; Notices of Trustees; Major Greathead, Captain Oates,
and others; Ministers at St. Mary's; The Registers; Interesting
Extracts therefrom; Studies in etymology; St. Mary's Graveyard

Mechanics' Institution; Liberal Club; Norrisson Scatcherd, F.S.A.;
Nathaniel Dixon, Esq.; Low Common; The Butts; Brunswick Chapel;
Pinfold; Conservative Club; Bibliography of Morley Literature ; The
Visitation of Cholera; Morley Hall; Rehoboth Chapel; Yew Tree
House; Post Office; Wesleyan Chapel; Old House and Gateway;
Concluding remarks

The Manufacturing Life of Morley; The Old Morley "Dasher "; Processes
of Manufacture; Wool Sorting, Wool Scouring, Blending, Scribbling,
Condensing, Spinning, Burling, Weaving, Milling, Dyeing, and
Finishing; Progress of the Trade; Present Position and Prospects; The
Plug Drawing Riots ; The Chartist Movement; Progress of the Working
Classes; Chamber of Commerce; Technical School; Fire Insurance Company

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