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"The Northowram Nonconformist register"
by J Horsfall Turner
"Oliver Heywood's Diaries" (4 Volumes)
by J Horsfall Turner
"Northowram, its History and Antiquities"
by Mark Pearson

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The books on this CDrom will be of great interest to anyone researching their ancestors in the areas around Northowram. There are thousands of names mentioned within these volumes.

The following information for the books is available here on line:

Reveiws of the CD by Angela Petyt and Lesley Abernethy

Northowram: it's history and antiquities:

Oliver Heywood's Diaries:

The Northowram (non conformist) Registers:

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Oliver Heywood was a non-conformist minister who lived in Northowram (a small town on the hills above Halifax in the old West Riding of Yorkshire) and preached in the villages and towns in the surrounding areas. He was born in 1630 and died in 1702.

He kept careful records of the births, deaths and marriages in his Registers (and these were subsequently added to by his successor). This Register is to be found on this CDrom.

He also kept a diary, and most of this is contained within "Oliver Heywood's Diaries" on this CDrom. The Diary volumes also contain pedigrees of the Heywood family and thousands of names and other information. The diaries on this CDrom go from 1666 to 1702 (within 5 days of his death), however some of the years are missing, and this are included in J. Horsfall Turner's "Yorkshire County Magazines"

In 1898 Mark Pearson published his "Northowram, its History and Antiquities". Of course this contains considerable information on Oliver Heywood, but also contains the later history of the town too. There are lots of names within the text and also lists for the Hearth tax and the Land tax contained in the appendices.

The contents of the History of Northowram: (Please see also the transcribed Index) The Contents of Oliver Heywood's Diaries (Please see also the complete indexes for Surnames and Places).

A review of this CD rom by Angela Petyt:

"This comprehensive CD contains not just one but several books relating to Northowram and Oliver Heywood, and much more besides -

With excellent indexes of surnames and place names, the books on this CD will be of great use to genealogists and local historians who have an interest in the town of Northowram and the life of Oliver Heywood. In addition, the wealth of general information relating to 17th century Nonconformity is an invaluable aid to research."

another review by Lesley Abernethy:

"This really is an encyclopaedia of more than three centuries of Northowram history, with six books on one CD, but it is so much more than that. Almost every page is bristling with familiar Halifax surnames; here is birth, death, scandal, gossip, extraordinary events and minute details of normal everyday life- an amazing insight into the lives of our West Riding ancestors, rich or poor. The giant figure of Oliver Heywood towers over all, still vividly alive in the pages of his diaries. This well-produced CD not only has the bare bones of history- the illustrations of places and people, facts, figures, names and events- but is a fascinating social document, even for (unfortunate!) people without Halifax connections."

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