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"Round about Bradford"
by William Cudworth
"Histories of Manningham, Allerton & Heaton"
by William Cudworth

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The books on this CDrom will be of interest to anyone researching their ancestors in the Bradford area of Yorkshire.

If your interests are in this area, you might also like to have a look at:

"Round about Bradford":

This book contains a total of 540 pages with a Geological "section" and a map of the area. It covers the following townships:- Wibsey, Buttershaw, High Bentley, Coley, Royds Hall, Low Moor, Bierley, Wyke, Oakenshaw, Scholes, Clayton, Queensbury, Denholme, Thornton, Allerton, Cottingley, Bingley, Harden, Wilsden, Cullingworth, Heaton, Frizinghall, Shipley, Saltaire, Baildon, Eccleshill, Idle, Windhill, Wrose, Thackley, Esholt, Parkgate, Hawksworth, Rawdon, Calverley, Farsley, Pudsey, Tyersal, Fulneck, Tong, and Gomersal. A later facsimile of this book contained neither the Geological section nor the map.

There is no index in this book, though the above list of places is given as an "index" in the book, it is simply a list of contents.

In order to give you some idea as to the contents of the book, the following are available on line in Acrobat format. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, it can be downloaded free from the Adobe web-site.

"Histories of Manningham, Allerton and Heaton":

Contains over 350 pages along with some 20 line drawings (some full page) and 17 full page photographs/paintings. The following are available here on-line to give you some idea as to the actual contents of the book:

If you do not have Acrobat Reader, it can be downloaded free from the Adobe web-site.

A review of the two books by Jess Wild:

"ROUND ABOUT BRADFORD" by William Cudworth:
The rather unimaginative title of this book gives little indication of the wealth of history, information and anecdotes to be found within its pages. Step back in time to 1876 as William Cudworth takes you with him on his travels around the towns, villages and hamlets in the Bradford area. Follow the route he takes on the fantastic old map at the end of the book as, with graphic detail, he describes the places and the people who live there.
Read about the commercial utopia of Saltaire - "a marvel of cleanliness, cheerfulness and beauty" - where the workers were provided with 3 bedroomed, stone-built houses and "a park of fourteen acres pleasantly sloping towards the River Aire, for their recreation and amusement." Then compare this to the hardship that the ironworkers of Low Moor had to endure, living under a permanent canopy of smoke in the "shanties" which sprang up around the foundry.
Smile as Cudworth, writing in his own entertaining style, recalls many humourous stories passed down from father to son, giving a wonderful insight into the past which is not found in many history books. Find out how Mrs North dealt with the parson who 'stole' a plant from her garden or the reason why 'Wise Willie' ordered a watch to be buried!
This delightful book brings 'everyday' history to life and we should be grateful that William Cudworth recorded it in such detail, for without him it would surely have been lost for ever.

Another 'good read' from the pen of William Cudworth, and a more complete history and in depth study of this area would be hard to find. When the book was written Manningham, Allerton and Heaton were separate villages, each with a long and chequered history, which the author has recorded in great detail.
The book is littered with the names and histories of the ancient families who helped to shape these villages - Illingworth, Lister, Horsfall, Cockcroft, Robertshaw, Jowett, to name but a few. Anyone who has ancestors connected to this area will surely find a mention of them somewhere within these pages or even a picture of where they lived, as there are many illustrations of people and places throughout the book.
Finally, as with Cudworths "Round about Bradford", I will guarantee that you can't help but smile when reading the numerous 'quirky' tales he has collected from the inhabitants of this area.

Jess Wild, September 2005



CHAPTER I. : Surveys of 1811 and 1839, Daisy Hill, Towler Lane, The Trees, Low Lane, Coggill Lane, Jumbles, Hesp Lane, Lawcroft Lane, New Road to Keighley, Township Boundaries

CHAPTER II. : Feudal Lordship in Manningham, Ancient Land Tenure, John of Gaunt, Northrop, the Hornblower, The Hornman Lands, Feudal Customs, Manningham in 1480, Land Survey of 1638, Common Field System of Cultivation, Old Place Names, Old Manningham Freeholders, Enclosure of Manningham Common

CHAPTER III: Overseers' Accounts for 1692, Bolton Lane, Town's Affairs in 1800, Opposition to Bradford Improvement Act of 1829, Charter of Incorporation, 1847, First Representatives for Manningham, Statistics of Population, &., Manningham Constables from 1607

CHAPTER IV: Back Lane School, St. Jude's Church, St. Paul's Church (illustrated), The Ten, Church Movement, White Abbey Chapel (illustrated), Manningham Wesleyan Chapel, St. John's Chapel (illustrated), Girlington Wesleyan Chapel, Farfield Jubilee Hall, Lady Royd School, Girlington Baptist Chapel, Salem Congregational Chapel (illustrated), Greenfield Chapel, Primitive Methodism, Roman Catholicism, Manningham Board Schools

CHAPTER V: Field House, Daisy Hill, Dr. Scoresby: Vicar of Bradford: His Scientific Attainments, The Smith Family, Isaac Smith, Ackroyd Farm, Old Manningham, Manningham Poor Land, Moorfield, Edward Priestman

CHAPTER VI: Pearson Lane, Throstle Nest, Yew Tree Farm, Hedge Side Farm, Crow Trees, The Temple Farm, Mrs. Ann Bolling, Lawyer Gregson, The Illingworth Family, Daniel Illingworth, Alfred Illingworth (portrait), The late Henry Illingworth

CHAPTER VII.: Origin of Brownroyd, Waterside Farm, Ben Preston, Thiefscore Bridge, Craven Heifer Inn, Bradford Soke Mills, Smyth Family, New Miller Dam, Lease to Ellis & Priestman, Soke Rights Contested, List of Manningham Families within the Soke, James Ellis, Rev. Joseph Ellis

CHAPTER VIII. : Girlington As It Was and Is, Bradford Freehold Land Society, The Girlington Estate, The Hornblow Lands, The Northrop Family, Common Fields of Manningham, Disposal of the Northrop Lands, Map of Girlington, Coal Mining

CHAPTER IX. : Toller Lane, Woodlands, Angus Holden, M.P., Pierremont, Alderman F. Priestman, Manningham Thorp, John Rand, Drummond Family, Manningham Lodge, Matthew Thompson, Sir M. W. Thompson (portrait), Charles Semon

CHAPTER X. : The Whetleys, Hollings Family, Joseph Hollings, John Hollings, Sally Kitching, Hunting Tom Horsfall, The "Lemon and White Pack ", John Priestman, The Hodgson Family, Dicky Hodgson, Manningham Coal Mining, Lower Globe Inn, William Kitching, Upper Globe Inn, Wood Family, Black Abbey Dole, Globe Mill

CHAPTER XI. : Lilycroft Farm, Tradesmen's Home, Origin of Manningham Mills, Ellis Cunliffe Lister, Lord Masham, James and Thomas Ambler, The Silk Manufacture, Great Fire at Manningham Mills, Trees Farm, The Cowgill Family

CHAPTER XII. : Helliwell's Farm, Skinner Lane, Mount Pleasant, Hornblow House, The Bradford Horn, Frankland Family, Salt Street and Freehold Land Society, Carlisle Road, Manningham Old Hall (illustrated), Tonge Lands, Bollings, Margerisons

CHAPTER XIII. : Lister Family of Manningham, William Lister, Civil War Captain, His Death at Tadcaster, Colonel Thomas Lister, Ellis Cunliffe Lister, Active Magistrate and Member for Bradford, His Family, Samuel Cunliffe Lister (Lord Masham) (portrait), His Inventive Enterprise, Triumph of the Woolcombing Machine, Equal Success in the Manipulation of Silk Waste, Manningham Hall, Manningham Park (illustrated)

CHAPTER XIV. : Clockhouse, Origin of Name, Early Possessors, Later Descent, The Jowetts of Clockhouse, Miss Sarah Jowett, George Baron: His Singular Will, The Famous " Clockhouse Case ", Clockhouse as a Residence, Spotted House Inn (illustrated)

CHAPTER XV. : Wilkinson Family, The Bradshaws, Bolton Royd, J. G. Horsfall, Power loom Riots, The Anderton Family, Parkfield, Sir Henry Mitchell, Grammar School Lands, "Halliwell Ash."

APPENDIX. : Manningham Freeholders in 1839


CHAPTER I. : Heaton As It Was, Its Pleasing Conformation, Roads and Approaches, Landed Proprietors, Streams and Reservoirs, Mineral Resources, Agriculture, Recent Improvements, Population and Rateable Value

CHAPTER II. : Heatonians of 1379, Descent of Heaton Manor, Hearth Tax in 1666, Landowners in 5699, Enclosure of Heaton Common, The Award, Tythe Survey, Survey of 1839

CHAPTER III. : Severance of Heaton front Clayton, Poor's Accounts, Surveyor's Accounts, Constables' Accounts, Former Occupiers, Annexation of Heaton to Bradford

CHAPTER IV. : The Field Family, John Field, Joshua, or " Squire Field ", John Wilmer Field, His Daughters, Mary and Delia, Lord Oxmantown, Earl of Rosse, Countess of Rosse, Present Earl of Rosse, Coming of age Festivities at Heaton, Presentation at Heaton, The Heaton Estate

CHAPTER V. : Heaton Hall (illustrated), Henry Harris, the Banker, Bradford Old Bank, W. H. Townend, Garth House (illustrated), Old Hostelries, Shoulder of Mutton Inn, Brown Cow Inn, Hare and Hounds Inn, Heaton Syke, Mann's Gardens, Woolsorters' Gardens, Heaton Mount, Ambler Family, Heaton Royds, The Dixons, Sandy Lane

CHAPTER VI. : Chellow an Ancient Manor, Lease from the Abbot of Selby, Subsequent Lords of the Manor, Chellow Grange, Bradford Waterworks, Heaton Reservoir, The Nidd Scheme

CHAPTER VII. : Heaton Baptists, Church of St. Barnabas, Wesleyanism at Heaton, Educational Institutions, Sandy Lane Chapels (illustrated)

CHAPTER VIII. : Origin of the United College, Heckmondwike Academy, Rotherham College, Airedale College, Undercliffe (illustrated), Mrs. Bacon, Rev. William Vint, Rev. Walter Scott, Rev. Daniel Fraser, D.D., United College, Heaton ItIlustrated), Dr. Fairbairn, Closing of Rotherham College Rev. Dr. Falding, Dr. Simon

CHAPTER IX. : Old Folks' Gathering at Heaton, with List of those Present, John Butterfield: the centenarian, Timothy Stocks, Henry Harris, The Clarke Family, The Crabtree Family, John Crabtree, Greenwoods, Broadleys, Murgatroyds, Cravens


The Name of Frizinghall, Growth of Frizinghall, Lister Family of Frizinghall, The Craven Family, Frizinghall Mill, The Hargreaves Family, Black Swan Inn, Quaker Wilson, Religious Organisations at Frizinghall (illustrated)


CHAPTER I. : Origin of Name, Approaches to the Village, Ancient Packhorse Road, Thornton New Road, Probable Roman Road, Material Resources, Description of the Village, Building Operation;, Characteristics of Allertonians, Population and Assessable Value

CHAPTER II. : Ancient Ownership, Poll tax of Richard II., Richard Tempest and Queen Eizabeth, Decree of 1580, Freeholders of the Period, Sale of the Manor, Curious Handbill of 1788, The Ferrands as Lords of the Manor, The Courts Baron, Perambulation of the Boundaries, Enclosure of Allerton Common

CHAPTER III. : Hearth, tax Returns for 1666, Allerton Freeholders in 1734, Formation of the Local Board, Annexation to Bradford

CHAPTER IV. : Commercial Affairs in Allerton, The Old Hand, loom Weavers, Mill Erections in Allerton, Allerton Nonconformity, Congregationalism in Allerton (illustration), Wesleyanism in Allerton (illustration), The Baptists, St. Peter's Church, Allerton British School, The Sagar Charity

CHAPTER V. : Shuttleworth Hall (illustrated), The Sunderland Family, Peter and Samuel Sunderland, John and Joseph Pollard, The Manor of Crosley, The Knights Hospitallers, Crosley Hall

CHAPTER VI. : Chellow Dean (illustrated, Oaks Lane, Ellercroft, Alderman Jonas Whitley (portrait), The Grange, Fairbank Family, Allerton Hall, The Old Workhouse (illustrated), Old Houses in Allerton Lanes and Bailey Fold (illustrated), Joseph Lister, Accepted Lister

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