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"Bolton and Bowling"
by William Cudworth
"Rambles Round Horton"
by William Cudworth

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Bolton and Bowling and Rambles round Horton describe the histories of these townships of Bradford, the buildings and the people. There are several large pedigrees given for some of the prominent families in the Bolton and Bowling book, and over 30 illustrations in total.

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A review of the CDrom by Jan Perkins

Just been reading ' Histories of Bolton & Bowling' and 'Rambles round Horton' by William CUDWORTH,

I must admit, I would never have sat down and read these two books in hardback


"The Histories of Bolton & Bowling" and "Rambles round Horton" are not to be missed - they are the most fantastic two books on this area I think I have read. Made all the more pleasurable because they have been introduced to me on CD Rom, there is so much in these for the family and local historian.
No one needs to ask about districts and street, one can imagine walking around the Bolton, Bowling and Horton areas of Bradford, these books bring the whole area alive. There are descriptions and explanations of place names and there must be thousands of local families names within the pages. There are pedigrees for some of the more prominent families. The area comes to life for the historian.

This is what family history is all about, this really adds flesh to the bones, it is clear, concise and easy to navigate, the active links are
absolutely brilliant, just click and the information you require is at your fingertips.

This CD Rom is an absolute must for anyone with any interest at all in the Bradford area, everyone should have a copy of this CD Rom at the side of their computer. Things we all ask on list, are here, Where is this street? Where was that place? What does this mean? These books are an absolutely gold mine of information.

The CD Rom is clear and concise, scanned to a very high quality, which when magnified, does not lose any of its clarity The illustrations are beautiful and again active links are provided, which take you to the illustration selected instantly.
Warmest Wishes
Jan in Bronte Country

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