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The History of Craven
by Rev. Thomas Dunham Whitaker

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Craven is a Deanery (a group of Ecclesiastical Parishes) in the old West Riding of Yorkshire covering roughly the area between Bradford and Clapham (but not including either) (see half scale map). The parishes/areas included are:

 Addingham (3)  Carlton (7)  Kirkby Malhamdale(28)
 (Airedale) (3)  Gargrave (16)  Linton (25)
 Arncliffe (22)  Giggleswick (24)  Long Preston (16)
 Barnoldswick (14)  Gisburn (31)  Marton (7)
 Bingley (12) Horton (4)  Mitton (16)
 Bolton-Bowland (17)  Ilkley (13) Skipton (204)
 Bracewell (5)  Keighley (7)  Slaidburn (8)
 Broughton (13)  Kettlewell (10)  Thornton (9)
 Burnsall (38) Kildwick (15)  (Wharfdale) (7)

 Also included
 Preface (25 ) Introduction (19)  History etc. (30)
 Rarer plants (9)  Minerals (1)  Index (24)


The names in brackets are areas (not parishes), the numbers in brackets are the number of pages for that section.

About the book:

The third edition (1878) of "The History of Craven" is a large and now rare book, the pages measuring 12.5 by 9.5 inches and the book being three inches thick. The book in good condition will cost over 250 pounds (I am told they go for as much as 400 pounds). This Edition is supposed to be the best (though I have never seen the previous editions to compare them).

The book covers the history (usually from Roman times) of each parish, usually including histories for the main villages within each parish. There are normally several family Pedigrees given, along with lists of Vicars/Rectors where known. The Churches are usually described in detail, along with their histories. The less important families get general descriptions, as do some of the manors etc. There are plates showing Halls, Abbeys and artifacts from the various areas, and the book includes a very comprehensive index (see transcription of index).
The Preface includes the prefaces for the first and second editions (this edition being the third and last). The large index and the prefaces are available here on line:

CD rom Contents:

The data on this CD ROM consists of pictures (graphics files) of every page, generated by scanning the original book. The scans of the text pages are not photographic images, but are black and white 2 bit images (i.e. you see either black or white, with no greys) which means that when printed you obtain a page which is very close to the original. The book scanned was the 3rd edition from 1878, and the volume was that originally sold to Thomas Clifford Allbut of Carr Manor, Meanwood.

The files are presented to the user in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format, and extensive use is made of "bookmarks" in the navigation pane to make navigation of the book simple and quick. Additionally, the scans of the text pages are set up so that the page numbers are correct which makes finding subjects by use of the index at the end of the book straightforward.

There are numerous pedigrees and Coats of Arms included within the pages of this book (see transcription of index and search for "Arms" or "Pedigree").

When scanning the plates it was found that those produced by engravings (i.e. line drawings) have "aliasing" problems with some printers and some graphics programs when displayed/printed at various resolutions. In order to compensate for this, all of the plates of this type are to be found scanned in both Photograph mode (i.e. grey scale), and Black/white mode. This should enable a satisfactory output to be obtained from most printers by choice of whichever is best for your printer.

Please note that most of the pedigree pages are very large, and that utilities to print these either all at once (on A1 paper) or in sections are provided on the CDrom.

A review of the CD by David Tippey in Family Tree Monthly:

Whitaker's History of Craven is one of the most useful books for anyone researching that area of the West Riding of Yorkshire covered by the old Deanery of Craven. This is the Southwest corner of the Dales around Skipton. First published at the beginning of the 19th century, it covers the history and topography of the area, plus the genealogy of some of the major families. The 3rd enlarged edition printed in 1878, is a magnum opus with original copies fetching upwards of £200 and in short supply.

If you would prefer the real book(s), please contact The Idle Booksellers through their website.

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