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The History of Scarborough (1882)


list of contents of the book

The History of Scarborough (1882)


Joseph Brogden Baker

Please note that this index is given in good faith as a guide to the contents of the book, but there may be errors in both the original index and the transcription of the index.

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Name; A Borough by prescription; A Royal Borough; Not in Doomsday Book; Why earliest mention of; Danes and Saxons; Roman Roads and Map of; Ancient Limits; Reduced to Ashes; The Cliffs; Climate; Salubrity; Natural History; Flora of the Neighbourhood; Algae; Icthyology; Geology; Falsgrave; Incorporation with Scarbrough, &c.

Their purpose; Those of Kings Henry I. and II.; King John; Henry III.; Edward I., II., and III.; Richard II; Henry IV. V. and VT.; Edward IV.; Richard III.; Henry VII. and VIII.; Edward VI.; Philip and Mary; Elizabeth; James 1.; Charles L and II.; William III.; George II, and III.; George IV. William the IV.; Victoria

Lines to Situation; Area; Inroads of the Sea; When Built; A Royal Castle; Chapel in CastleYard; Description of the various Buildings; Charles' Tower; George Fox, the Founder of the Society of Friends, confined there; Castle, a prominent feature at Runnymede; State Prisoners; King Edward and a splendid Court there; Piers Gaveston besieged; Inquisition of value taken; Repairs; King Richard and his Queen there. Besieged by the " Pilgrims of Grace "; Curious Minute Survey in 1538; Taken by surprise; Retaken; Scarbrough Warning; Beacons; Besieged by Sir John Meldrum for the Parliament; Death of Sir John; Incident of the Siege; Preparation for Surrender; Besieged again; Surrender; Ordered to be Victualled; Besieged; Surrender; State Prisoners; List of Governors, with personal Notes; Castle ordered to be razed to the ground

Levies of men to appear at York; Wat Tyler's Insurrection; Failure of; Muster of Scarbrough Trained; bands; The Corporation decline to acknowledge Jurisdiction of Lord Lieutenant within the Borough; Fight in the Harbour between a Spanish Frigate and a Dutch Man; of; War; Forts and Defences of the Borough; Batteries; Siege and Surrender of the Town; £1,000 given by the Parliament to the Besiegers; Conditions of Surrender; Distressed State of the Town and Inhabitants; Ordered again to prepare for a Siege; Soldiers raised, &c.; Statements to Parliament on the Hardships of the Siege; Object to have Soldiers billeted in Private Houses; Second Surrender of the Town; An Officer of Prince Charles taken Prisoner; Another Alarm of Invasion; Preparation to receive the Besiegers; Ordnance sent down from Admiralty; False alarm French Prisoners, &c.

Franciscans; Their rise, &c.; Cistercians; Dominicans; Carmelites; St. Nicholas; St. Thomas; St. Sepulchre; Charnel Chapel; Lady's Chapel; St. Helen's; St. John's; St.

A Vicarage, 1169; Advowson given to the Abbot and Church of the Cistercians; Suppression of Alien Monasteries; The one at Scarbrough given to Bridlington Priory; Notes from Fountains Abbey Records; Value of the Living in 1251; Estates in the possession of the Corporation of Scarborough; In the Archdeaconry of the East Riding of Yorkshire; Government Appointment of Ministers; Disputes with the Fishermen about the Tithe of Fish; Vicar's Stipend withheld owing to the Civil War in England; Ministers ejected; Others appointed by the Commonwealth; Salary of, paid out of the Chapter; Land of Norwich; Terrier of Church Estates; Destruction of Church during the Siege of Castle and Town; Royal Brief for Repairs issued; Churchwardens not to be Wine; tasters; Vicarage returned as unfit for Residence; New Residence selected; Sale of Church Estates; Investment of Proceeds; Present Income of; Patron of; Registers; Pews; Bells; Plate; Ancient Furniture, &c.; Stained Glass; Stone Coffins, &c., &c.; Interesting Statement of Architecture of; List of Vicars; Testamentary Notes; Conclusion

Christ Church; St. Martin; on; the; Hill; St. Thomas; All Saints; Holy Trinity; Roman Catholic; Independent; Baptist; Society of Friends; Wesleyan Primitive Methodist; Free Church Methodist; Unitarian; Brethren

Election of Officers; Enquiry of Privy Council as to the right of the Corporation to tax Foreign Fishermen; Charter granted to make Salt; Court Leet; Orders of Privy Council to restrain the use of Wheaten Flour; Order of House of Commons thereon; Appointment of a City Cook; Orders to the Butchers in Lent; Writ from Privy Council to take action at Malton, in respect of the Property of the Ladies Eure; Curious Note on the Water Bushel; All the Corporation to go to Church in Gowns, under a penalty for disobedience; Court of Pleas; Magistrates' decisions; A Case of Treason; King Charles II. demands surrender of the Charters; Refused; Change from Bailiffs to Mayor and Aldermen, &c .; First Orders of the New Governing Body; Social Condition of Scarboro' at that date; Declaration against the solemn League and Covenant; Extraordinary Corporate Address to King James II.; Salary of Corporate Officers; Sentences and Punishments in Olden Times; Recorder; Assize of Bread; Corporation keep a Pack of Hounds; Commission of Assize; Sentence of Transportation; Two Governing Bodies at one and the same time, continued for six years; Law Suits thereon; Municipal Reform Act; First re; formed Council; The Mayor's Badge; Corporate Seal; Petty Officers under the old regime

Parliament coeval with the Kingdom; The earliest on record; First instance of Borough summoned; The first Writ; early nomination of Representative by a Peer; Representation of the Borough much coveted; Bailiffs ordered into Custody of Sergeant; at; Arms for making a False Return; Lord Dupplin returned by help of the Freemen; Unseated by Committee on Privileges; Law Suit; The two Members asked to Subscribe £1,500 each; Pecuniary Difficulties; Mr. Lascelles, M. P. on the Pier Debt; Mr. Osbaldeston gives £200 towards an Organ for St. Mary's; Anecdote of the Speaker of the House of Commons; Lord Tyrconnell, M.P., gives a present of £300; Sir Hugh Palliser, M. P., does the same; Lord Musgrave gives a complement of £350; Petition of the Borough for Electional Reform; Free Burgesses meet and demand to Vote; Their Vote refused; Law Suit threatened; Corporation subscribe liberally to defeat the Freemen; Mace, Seals, .Records, &c., ordered to be placed in safe Custody; Iron Chest procured; Free Burgesses attend at the Hall to Vote; Represented by Council; Trial at York; Free Burgesses defeated; Cost of Suit; Threatening Letter to burn some of the Officers' Houses; Col. Tindall threatened; Proclamation from the King, and Government Reward; Election Rhyme; List of Members of Parliament from 1253 to 1880, with personal notes

Chronological Arrangement; Agreement with Social Corporate Towns in respect of Dues, &c.; Tolls; Bad Malt shipped to Newcastle, &c.; Writ of Fi. Fa.; Corn Mills of the Borough; A Collec; tion for the Poor; Negotiating a Loan; Dutchmen Fined for Fishing in the Bay; The Plague; Vessel with Malt seized; Orders from Privy Council respecting Markets; Action in the Star Chamber; Assessment to build Pews for St. Mary's; Corporation buy a Wreck, and divide profit; Brewers' Licenses; Action at Law commenced; Interference of Peers at Elections; Corporation bind their Members to Secrecy; Hall to grind no more Corn with his Horse Mill; Order from House of Commons on " Strong Water Shops"; A Certificate for a Man who disliked work; Dispute about Pews; Clipped Coin of the Realm; Fee; farm Rent; Law Suits; Double Set of Bailiff's, &c.; Costs and Consequences; Ugly Reports about Pier Dues; Mace and Corporate Seal seized for Debt; Mr. Fox elected a Corporator; Declines to accept Office; Is sued by Corporation in Spiritual Court for not taking Sacrament; Trial at Law; Corporation to pay Costs and Damages; Freemen's Meetings and Proceedings; Their requests refused; Enquiry by Municipal Com; misioners; Sale of Lands; Tithes and King's Rent; Opening of the Corporation to the Town; Re; arrange; ment of Officers; Schedule of Town Lands, &c., and of those disposed of

St. Nicholas' Hospital; St. Thomas' Hospital; Mrs. Conyer's Charity; Farrar's Hospital; Lawson's Charity; Conyer's Legacy; Allatson's Charity; Megginson's Charity; Ledman's Hospital; Trott's Hospital; Trott's Charity at Falsgrave; Stubb's Charity; Rickenson's Charity; Burg's Hospital; Chamber'sLegacy; Bell's Charity; Robinson's Hospital; Cockerell's Charity; North's Hospital; Mill Street Hospital; Spinster's Hospital; Clark's Legacy; Taylor's Free Dwellings and Charities; Wilson's Mariners Hospital; Merchant Seamen's Hospital ; Hospital of the Trinity House; Williamson's Legacy; Sea; bathing Infirmary; Humane Society; Dispensaries; Female and Sick Charities; Buckle's Free Dwellings; Castle Dykes Hospital; Hackett's Legacy; Lifeboat. Public Schools.; Grammar School; Falsgrave Grammar School; Amicable Society's Schools; Spinning Schools ; School of Industry; Lancasterian Schools; National Schools; Infant School; Wesleyan Day School; St. Peter's School; Creche; Board Schools

Thursday Market; Saturday Market; Apple Market; Meat Market; Beast Market; Stone of Compact; Cloth Market; Corn Market; Pig Market; Market Hall; Market during the Siege; Great Annual Fair; Seamer Market; Contentions about it; Suppression of; Salt Fish Market; Fish Market; Market on the Sands; Market Tolls; Horse Fair; Guilds; Sale of Ling or Heather

The Pier of 1252; Shipowners summoned to attend a Council of Trade; Seizure of Ships in the Port; Act for Repairs, 1541; Petition to Queen Elizabeth; Prayer granted; Martin Frobisher at Scar; brough; Admiral Verasque taken Prisoner; Application from the Crown for Workmen for Dover Piers; Reply of Corporation; Spanish Armada; Sea Fight in the Harbour; Dutch Fleet landed men, and took a Ship out of the Harbour; French Ship taken, with 80 English Prisoners of War; Pirates; Dutch Fleet off the Coast; French Prisoners; Enlargement of the Harbour; Pier run out at Ramsdale Scar; Jetty Break Water; And removed; Dimensions of Outer Pier; Press; gang; Whaling Vessels; Fight with Paul Jones; Tonnage; Question of Cor; porate Jurisdiction; Lighthouse; Tidal Notice, &c.; Street Nomenclature; Public Buildings; Museum; Archaeology; Coins; Commercial Tokens; Mechanics' Institute; Post Office; Town Hall; New Town Hall; Old Long Room Hall of Pleas; Old Globe Inn; Public Library; Temperance Hall; Cemetery; Workhouse;

Spa Buildings; Theatre Royal; Londesborough Theatre; Aquarium; Cricket Ground; Races; Scalby Mills Tea Gardens; Mere Tea Gardens; Spa Wells; The Sands; Tides; Cautions; Bathing; South, North, and Central Tramways; Fishing; Boating; Dangers; Rides and Drives; Footpaths, &c.

Noble, Eminent and Scientific Individuals connected with Scarbrough, and of various prominent and eccentric characters

Bell; man; Waits; Carling Sunday; Easter Customs; Egg Rolling; " Wrangem"; Peaseholm Hill; Bristol Water; Plough Monday; St. Mark's Eve; Hearth and Chimney Money; Caulking Kiss; A Weary Wife; Two Siege Occurrences; Tossing the Mayor in a Blanket; Peaseholm Ruin and Legend; Strange Occur; rence at Sea; Monster Pike; Gentleman and Traveller; The Old Housekeeper; Cherry; coloured Cat; Smuggling Anecdotes; Wise Man of Scarbrough; The Evil Eye; Witchcraft; Ghosts; Ducking Stool; Stocks; Pillory; Cure for Drunkenness; Baptizing a Monkey; The Plague; Persecuted Quakers; Events from 1434, &c.

FOOTPATHS five miles from Scarbrough


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