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"History and Topography of Harrogate"


the list of contents of the book

"History and Topography of Harrogate"


W. Grainge

Please note that this index is given in good faith as a guide to the contents of the book, but there may be errors in both the original index and the transcription of the index.

Numbers in brackets give the number of pages referenced when greater than one.

The Nidd; Wharfe; Crimple ; Oak-beck ; Tang-beck ; Darley-beck; Washburn. Heights of mountains and hills.

BOUNDARIES. Perambulations of 1767, 1577, and 1770.


British trackways; Roman roads; Packhorse roads; Turnpike roads; and Railroads.

British, Roman, Saxon, and Norman periods. Domesday survey. Lords of the forest, - Giselbert Tyson ; Eustace Fitz-John ; William de Stutevill; Brian de l'Isle; Richard, Earl of Cornwall; Edmund, Earl of Cornwall; Peter de Gaveston. Invasion of the Scots. Queen Philippa. John of Gaunt. Sir William Plumpton. Fight between the Foresters and the Men of the Archbishop of York. Wars of the Roses. Sir Robert Plumpton. Disputes respecting Mines on the Forest. Grant of the Forest to Charles, Prince of Wales; to Queen Henrietta Maria; to Queen Catherine. Lease to Sir Robert Howard; to Richard, Earl of Burlington; to William, Duke of Devonshire.

Survey of 1613. Agreement of 1651. Acts of Parliament and Enclosure of 1770. Award, 1778

Sheriff Tome. Grand Inquest. Early Rolls. Pains, &c.


Situation. Early state. Etymology. Sir William Slingsby. Discovery of first Mineral Spring. Visit of John Ray, the Naturalist, 1661. Presbyterian Plot, 1663. Visit of Marmaduke Rawdon, 1664; of Ralph Thoresby, the Leeds Antiquary, 1679; the Author of John Buncle, 1731; of Alexander Carlyle, 1768. Award of the Stray. Visit of Thomas Pennant, the Antiquary, 1777. The Theatre. Great Lawsuit. Improvement Act. Building of Pump Rooms. Gas Works. Water Works. Victoria Park. West End Park, &c., &c.

WATERS OF HARROGATE. The Tewhit Well. John's Well, or the Sweet Spa. Sulphur Springs. Old Sulphur Wells. The Crescent Wells. The Royal Chaly- beate Spa. The Montpellier Springs. The Bog Springs. Analyses, &c., &c. 127

BATHS. The Victoria Baths. The Montpellier Baths. The Cold Bath.

PUBLIC BUILDINGS. The Royal Chalybeate Spa and Concert Room. Royal Pump Room. Town Hall. Victoria Hall. The Bath Hospital. Christ Church. St. John's Church, Bilton. St. Peter's Church. Wesleyan Methodist Chapels. Congregational Church. United Methodist Free Church. Primitive Methodist Chapel. Friends' Meeting House. Catholic Chapel. National School. British School. Infants' School. St. Peter's School. The Cemetery.


STATISTICS. Parochial Affairs. Population. Rainfall, &c.

TOPOGRAPHICAL SURVEY. The Cemetery. Grove House. Dragon Hotel. Westmorland Street. Devonshire Place. Granby Hotel. Christ Church. Wedderburn House. Regent Parade. Family of Sheepshanks. Queen Hotel. Oatlands. York Place. Prince of Wales Hotel. West End Park. The Obelisk. Brunswick Terrace. The Belvidere. Almshouses. Congregational Church. Prospect Hotel. James Street. Post Office. Railway Station. Belle Vue. St. Peter's School and Church. Prospect Cottage. Parliament Street. Swan Hotel. Cornwall House. The Bogs. Quarries. Royal Pump Room. Crescent Hotel. Royal Parade. White Hart Hotel. Crown Hotel. Montpellier Gardens. Stonefall. Crimple. Bachelor Gardens School. Harrogate Hall. Bilton Park. Family of Stockdale. Pedigree of the family of Watson. Bilton, Sulphur Spring, Hall, &c.

Situation. Early History. Pannal Hall. Families of Tankerd, Dougill, Herbert, and Bentley. Village. School. Church. Inscriptions. Vicars. Charities. Rosset. Burn Bridge. High Ash. Families of Man and Torre. Beckwith House. Family of Wright. Beckwithshaw. Moor Park. Low Harrogate. St. Mary's Church. Harlow Hill Tower. All Saints' Mission. Church. Harlow Car. Statistics, &c.

The Long Walk. The Dropping Well. Mother Shipton. Spittle- croft. 'Belmont, Starbeck Spaw. Baths.

Situation. Early History. Family of Plumpton. Plumpton Towers. Plumpton Hall. Pleasure Grounds, Rocks, &c. Rougharlington. St. Hile's Nook. St. Robert. Brame. Family of Paver. Hell Hole Rock. Grimbald Crag. Birkham Wood. Statistics, &c.

LITTLE RIBSTON. Situation. Early Owners. Tumuli. Village. School. Statistics, &c. 2S7 SWINDEN. Situation. Family of Bethell. Swinden Hall. Low Sneap House.

DUNKESWICK. Situation. Early History. Family of Insula, or de l'Isle, of Rouge- mont. Site of Rougemont. Healthwaite Hill. Village of Dunkeswick. Harewood Bridge. Statistics, &c.

WEETON. Situation. Early Owners. Church of St. Barnabas. School. Charities. .Chapel. Wescoe Hill. Huby. Statistics.

CASTLEY. Situation. Early History. Grants of land by the family of Castelay. Village. Railway. Riffa Wood. Charities. Statistics.

RIGTON. Situation. Early Owners. Village of Rigton. Chapel Hill. The Moat. Chapel. School. Almes Cliff. Druidical Rocks. Fairy Parlour. Rock Basins. Lover's Leap. Horn Bank. Bracken- thwaite. Tatefield Hall. Statistics.

STAINBURN. Situation. Grants to the Abbey of Fountains. Chapel. Inscriptions. Tombstones. Charities. School. Chapel. Burscough Rig. Little Almes Cliff. Statistics.

LINDLEY. Families of Lindley and Palms. Lindley Hall. Statistics, &c.

HAVERAH PARK. Etymology. Early state and uses of. Present state. John of Gaunt's Castle. Visit of King Edward II. Description of the Ruin. Pippin Castle. Large Tumuli. Aerial Army. Remark- able Rocks. Statistics.

KILLINGHALL. Situation. Early Owners. Family of Pulleine. Family of Strother. Village. Hazelcroft. Mills. Leavens Hall. Will of Captain Leavens. The Hollins. Sprusty Hill. The Warren. Roman Camp. Charities. Statistics.

CLINT. Situation. Family of Beckwith. Owners of Clint. The Hall. Village of Clint. Ancient Cross. Singular Murder. Burnt Yates. School. Admiral Long. William Mountaine. School Estate. Buildings. Library. Charities. Statistics. Situation. Early History. Church. Value of Living. Chantries. Fabric. Inscriptions. Registers. Vicars. Charities. Village. Families of Bilton and Wilson. Peter Barker, the Blind Joiner. Family of Thackerey. School. Chapel. Rowdon. Will of John Parker. Saltergate Hill. Statistics.

FELLISCLIFFE. Situation. Roman Road. Swincliffe. Smith, the Archer. Inscrip- tion at Cote Sike. Family of Smith. West Sike Green. School. Kettlesing. Chapel. Statistics, &c.

BIRSTWITH. Situation. Early Owners. Swarcliffe Hall. Family of Greenwood. Village of Birstwith. Church. Charities. Chapels. Coalpits. Coins. Elton. Hirst Grove. Families of Smith and Jowett. Birstwith Hall. Tang House. Longscales. Crow Trees. Statistics.

MENWITH-WITH-DARLEY. Ancient State. Holme. Family of Leuty. Cinder Hills. Darley Village. Chapels. Menwith Hill. Day Ash. Family of Day. Hookstones School. Charities. Statistics.

THORNTHWAITE-WITH-PADSIDE. Physical Aspect. Rocking Stone. Church. Curates. Inscriptions. Ancient Celt. Civil War Tradition. Padside Hall. Family of Wigglesworth. Traditional Stories. Statistics, &c.

FEWSTON. Situation. Ancient State. Church. Living. Fabric. Registers. List of Vicars. Charities. Chapel: Cragg Hall. Families of Frankland, Fairfax, and Parkinson. Busky Dike. Hopper Lane Hotel. Hardisty Hill. Westhouses Mill. Statistics.

GREAT TIMBLE.Situation. Early Owners. Family of Hardisty. Village. Statistics.

NORWOOD. Early State and Names. Perambulation. Bank Slack. Roman Coins. East End Houses. Family of Bramley. Chapel. Brame Lane. Fox Crag. Gill Bottom. Families of Moorhouse and Smithson. School. Scough Hall. Family of Fairfax. Jack Hill. Family of Hardisty. Charities. Statistics.

BLUBBERHOUSES. Situation. Early Owners. Grants to the Priory of Bridlington. Grant to the Family of Frankland. Church. Manor House. Hall. Family of Wardman. Kexgill Moor. Brandrith Crags. Rev. Robert Collyer. Statistics.

THRUSCROSS. Situation. Etymology. Manufactories. Chapels. Charities. John Demaine. Allotments. Roggan Hall. Druidical Rock. Pox- stones Moor. Simon's Seat. The Washburn. Statistics.

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