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Sedbergh, Garsdale and Dent - a history.(1892)
by W. Thompson
The Sedbergh School Register, 1546 to 1909
by B. Wilson

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"Sedbergh, Garsdale & Dent" deals with the general History, the Church and Grammar school, social and domestic life and the scenery surrounding these three places in the Yorkshire dales.

"Sedbergh school register" contains the names of over 3600 boys who entered the school between 1546 and 1909. In most cases there is also a short biography for them with the later entries giving the current addresses (for 1909 of course). Additionally there are lists of Headmasters, Assistant Masters, Cricket Elevens, Football Fifteens, Athletic results, those who served in the Boer War, etc. etc.

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Sedbergh, Garsdale and Dent - Contents


(i.) To the Norman Conquest. The Area Defined.
The CELTS. - The Brigantes - A Demolished Barrow.
The ROMANS. - Agricola in the North - The Tenth Iter - Over Burrow and Low Borrow Bridge Camps, and Traces of the Course between - Probable Cross-roads - A Supposed Camp : Recent Excavations.
The SAXONS. - Withdrawal of the Romans - The Saxons arrive - Strathclyde - Deira--Pope Gregory and the Mission of Augustine - Evangelisation of the North - Saxon Settlements Indicated by Existing Names - A Saxon Burh' Exemplified in Castlehaw Tower - Etymology of Sedbergh.
The NORTHMEN. - Danes and Norwegians - " Wapentakes" - Ewecross- The Danish and Norwegian Elements in Place-names - Finkle Street - The Saxon Earl, Tosti : his Deposition, Exile, and Death. (ii.) From the Conquest Onwards.
The NORMANs. - The Devastation of Yorkshire - The Domesday Survey, and the Inclusion of Sedbergh - Earl Tosti's Possessions - " King's Land" - The De Mowbrays - The Descent of the Manor - Subinfeudation- Braithwaite Otway and the Enclosure of Bluecaster. The Church. - lts Probable Origin - Early Patrons : Andrew de Harcla, Geoffrey le Scrope, Coverham Abbey - The Pilgrimage of Grace - Adam Sedbar, Abbot - A Royal Rebuke--A Marian Martyr - James I. The Civil War. - Two Loyal Sedberghians : Sir John Otway and Dean Barwick - Glimpses of Garsdale and Dent : " Protestation" and Rejoicing. George Fox. - His Tenets and Appearance - Fox's Pulpit and Firbank Old Chapel - Brigflatts Meeting-house - William Dewsbury and the Market Cross - Retreat of the Highlanders in 1745 - Traditions at Sedbergh.


The Church. Ecclesiastical Re-arrangements - The old Archdeaconry of Richmond - Vicars before and since the Reformation - Giles Wiginton, a Puritan Innovator - Jonathan Rose : his Memoranda - Architectural Features of the Church - A Peep at Ritual in the days of Queen Mary - Discoveries and Alterations during Restoration - Rood Screen - Rood Guild - Church Light - Reminiscences - Bells - Registers - Communion Plate -- Monu- ments - The Blands - The Washingtons - Old Yew Trees. (h.) The Grammar School. Its Connection with the Church - Roger Lupton's Chantry School - Provided with Scholarships and Fellowships at St. John's College, Cambridge - The first ascertained Master, Henry Blomeyr - His Will - Robert Hebble- thwaite's Mastership - His Emoluments Threatened - Roger Ascham Appeals for Aid - The Chantry Dissolved - A Friend at Court - The School Refounded by Edward VI., and Robt. Hebblethwaite Reappointed - The Royal Charter - List of Masters - Good Gilbert Nelson - A Parlia- mentarian Contrast - Litigation, Delation, and Sequestration - Posthumus Wharton, by Appointment of the Governors - The School Rebuilt - Wynne Bateman, Vicar and Master - A Master's House Obtained - Distinguished Old Sedberghians - Recollections of the School under the Rev. J. H. Evans - The New Scheme - Progress and Present Condition - The " Hastings" and other Exhibitions.


In the Past. Sanctuary-men - An Unrepaired Bridge - Remoteness of Sedbergh - Coaching Days - Tokens - Book Club - A Prosecution Association - The Ducking- stool - A Wapentake Court - The Custom of Tithing - Indenture of Apprenticeship--Farming the Poor - Doles and other Charities - " Jack o' Dyers" and the Reading of the Riot Act - Government by Gun-Law- A Universal Genius - Recollections of some Obsolete Characters. (ii.) In the Present. Population - Manufactures - Agriculture - The Dalesmen : their Traits, Do- mestic Surroundings, Occupations, Funeral Customs, and Dialect.


Room and to Spare - Wordsworth at Sedbergh - Mountain Heights and Views - Course of the Rawthey - Uldale - Cautley Spout - Hebblethwaite Hall - A Family of Artists - Douker Gill Cave - Thorns Hall - Hill Top - Sedbergh : its Old-fashioned Streets and Modern Institutions - The Old Vicarage - Down the River - Lord's Dub and its Victims - A Heronry - Ingmire Hall - Lincoln's Inn Bridge - Curious Field-names- Howgill Church and its Surroundings - Black Force - Geology and Botany.


Situation and Name - The Clough - Grisedale - Rysell Tunnel. St. Agatha's Abbey - The Church - Fitz-Alan's Chantry - The Priest-House : East Rackenthwaite and the School House - Paradise--Dissolution of the Monasteries - The Chapel Salary Lost and Regained - Dandra Garth - The Manor - The Tithe Commissioners and Abbey Land- " Drunken Barnaby " and Garsdale " Stingo " - A Recent Flood - Garsdale Worthies : Dr. Dawson, Dr. Haygarth, and Dr. Inman.


Situation and Name - Manorial Vicissitudes - The Dee - Gate - Brackens Gill - Lea Yeat - A Famous " Gill-brack" - Marble and Marble Works - Cowgill Church - George Whitefield - William and Mary Howitt - Gibs Hall and Hell Caldron - Dent-town in Olden Times - " Terrible Knitters" - James I. and the Grammar School - Remarkable Longevity - The Church - Recent Restoration - Charities - Old Parish Accounts - Adam Sedgwick : his Career - The Foundation of Cowgill Chapel - Difficulties thereanent, and Royal Intervention - Memorial at Dent.

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