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Welcome to Yorksview, a website dedicated to the County of Yorkshire, England. Yorkshire is England’s largest county – four million acres – and its most varied and beautiful.

There is the unique landscape of the Limestone Dales, the North Yorkshire Moors, the rolling Wolds, the heather-clad Pennines, the Vale of York and the rugged coast. There are commercial cities like Leeds and Sheffield, market towns such as Richmond and Otley and villages as diverse as Luddenden, Buckden, Askrigg, Bishop Burton and Robin Hood’s Bay. There is variety of architecture, custom and dialect and more than two thousand years of history.

Motorways cross Roman roads and speed past cobbled streets and seventeenth century farmsteads. Medieval parish churches stand alongside industrial mills and internet cafes. New housing estates look across Iron Age earthworks to a white horse carved in the hillside. Here the British fought Anglo-Saxon invaders, the House of York confronted the House of Lancaster, Cavaliers battled with Roundheads, Luddites rioted, Chartists demonstrated and the Luftwaffe bombed by night. Yes, we’ve got some history.

Inevitably because we were born in, and live in, the West Riding and we know it best, there is a bias here towards that part of our county. As the site grows we hope to become more inclusive.

In Places are illustrated portraits of cities like York and Bradford, towns such as Skipton and Harrogate, villages like Hawes and Warley and one-offs like Saltaire and Gordale Scar.

In Trivia we look at all things Yorkshire from the delights of fish and chips to images of Disappearing Yorkshire and the celebration of Yorkshire Day.

In his occasional Diary David records events in Yorkshire together with anecdotes and observations about life in God’s Own County today.

All photographs, unless stated otherwise, were taken by Garry. Please enquire with us if you would like to use any items for your own personal use; please respect this. This is not a commercial venture; it is a labour of love. We think Yorkshire is special. We hope you enjoy sharing it with us.

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