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Yorkshire - exactly like nowt else!  

Yorkshire Quiz No3

All questions relate to Yorkshire

1. True or False? - It is often said there are more acres in Yorkshire than letters in the Bible

2. Which Yorkshire Dale takes its name from a village rather than a river?

3. What did the Romans mine in the Yorkshire Dales?

4. Where in Yorkshire can you find a waterfall nearly twice the height of Niagara?

5. Which town was once known as 'The Queen of the Watering Places'?

6. Which Leeds woman gave her name to a light fruit loaf or tea-cake?

7. Besides cricket, what did Leonard Hutton and Herbert Sutcliffe have in common?

8. To which saint is York Minster dedicated?

9. Which pen-names were first used by Charlotte, Emily and Anne Bronte, respectively?

10. 'I was born in the year 1632 in the city of York' - is the opening line from which book?

11. Which famous actor collapsed and died whilst playing Becket at the Theatre Royal in Bradford?

12. John Harrison of Pontefract invented what important instrument?

13. Which Prime Minister was born at Morley, Leeds?

14. How many steps lead up to Whitby church and Abbey?

15. Sydney Bridge was built in which Yorkshire Town?

16. Where in Yorkshire did the murderers of Thomas a Becket take refuge?

17. Which famous villain was hanged in York in the year 1739?

18. How long is the Pennine Way?

19. What novel begins with the line 'There was no possibility of taking a walk that day'?

20. Which Hull woman made the first solo flight to Australia in 1930?