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Yorkshire - exactly like nowt else!  

Yorkshire Quiz No2

All questions relate to Yorkshire

1. Where would you find 'Whip Ma Whop Ma Gate?'

2. Which famous composer was born in Bradford?

3. Where is the oldest Fish & Chip Shop in the world?

4. Who discovered oxygen?

5. Born in Hull, he led the cause for the abolition of slavery in the UK

6. Who 'signed' his furniture with a mouse?

7. Where is England's oldest chemist shop?

8. Who was Harry Ramsden's famous nephew?

9. The eccentric Percy Shaw invented what?

10. From Wensleydale, he translated The Bible to English

11. World famous furniture maker Thomas Chippendale was born here

12. Where are the HQ of Yorkshire County Cricket Club?

13. Where were the Bronté sisters born?

14. What is Yorkshire's highest mountain?

15. Where was Guy Fawkes born?

16. From Settle, he was the founder of the N.S.P.C.C.

17. Name the highest Public House in England

18. York has had 3 previous names, name 2 of them

19. David Hockney, world famous artist was born here

20. What is Yorkshire's 'National Anthem'?