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This is a photograph I took from Kilnsey Trout Farm. In the background, middle left, is Kilnsey Crag, an unusual and spectacular landform. It is a fine example of a limestone hill whose side has been gouged out by a passing glacier. In the summer months you will see experienced climbers with their ropes and stuff attempting the seemingly impossible, if only they knew there was a pathway to the top at the side! If you ever get the chance to visit the trout farm be sure to have a bowl of hot game soup! This is also a great place to try fly fishing.

Kilnsey itself is a small hamlet grouped around what was once the grange for Fountains Abbey. Kilnsey Hall, fell from its former glory to the use of a barn, you can see still see signs of its medieval grandeur in the lovely old mullioned windows. Walkers can follow an ancient track known as Mastiles Lane over the fells to Malham Tarn, the second largest lake in Yorkshire. Around the end of August, Kilnsey hosts a popular annual sports and show. In Dowkabottom (or Douky Bottom) Cave, nearby, traces of Roman-British occupation have been discovered including pottery, bronzes and coins from the C1st to C4th.