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slack.jpg (45994 bytes)

This Finger-post can be found on the moors at Slack - a hamlet near Hebden Bridge.

stone.jpg (60234 bytes)

Grandad's clock & chair, an amusing stone sculpture on Bradford's Chapel Street.


sausages.jpg (117979 bytes)

Succulent Sausages!  Sign outside Beavers Butchers, Masham.


gendarmerie.jpg (104277 bytes)

Gendarmerie near Haworth, previously an outside toilet!


lhasa.jpg (97323 bytes)

Lumbfoot near Keighley.


naked.jpg (104544 bytes)

Morris Dancers outside 'Ye Olde Naked Man Café' Settle.

post-box.jpg (76958 bytes)

Post-Box at Masham.

bath.jpg (117498 bytes)

Take time for a bath.... a farmyard on the Dales Way walk.

caravan.jpg (120930 bytes)

Luxury holiday accommodation near Buckden.

farmer.jpg (100919 bytes)

Taking a well-earned rest, farmer at Malhamdale.


park.jpg (149743 bytes)

Yorkshire Dales National Park Sign


lintel.jpg (93439 bytes)

Inspiration on a Lintel, Hawes.

walk sign.jpg (130473 bytes)

Sign on a seat at the end of the 84 mile-long Dales Way Walk


adam.jpg (126340 bytes)

Granite Memorial to Adam Sedgewick, Dent.