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Yorkshire Pubs


Fannys Ale and Cider House situated in the historic village of Saltaire, Bradford. A real ale pub with a Victorian theme. Going in here is like going back in time!

Inside is how pubs used to be - with no gimmicks. This place is a haven for real ale enthusiasts. Much of the pub is lit by gaslight and there is a lovely coal fire. If only the price of the ale reflected the era!



The Bowling Green is in Otley, West Yorkshire. I'm pretty sure you will never find another pub quite like it. Inside it is like......well, a mix between an antique shop and a scrap yard! I'm told that there are almost 4,000 items on display ranging from skeletons to gas masks and coffins to stuffed animals. 

The landlord is, shall we say, a little  eccentric, he adds to the enjoyment of the place by dressing-up in different outfits. 'Last Orders' is greeted by the sound of a klaxon..... 'Time' by the wailing of a WWII siren!

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The Bowling Green