Sign outside Pie Toms

People who have emigrated to distant lands often visit when they return to the city. On the walls you will see postcards from all over the world. This tasty dish consists of a mouthwatering Pork Pie smothered with Mushy Peas and mint sauce. The more adventurous can opt for some Black Pudding as well. You can also enjoy a pot of tea or a glass of Tizer.




The Market Stall


The business was founded in the Victorian times by the Robinson family. Nowadays the business trades under the less assuming name of 'Peas 'n' Pies' - but it will always be lovingly known as Pie Toms.





























The place is steeped in history, the peas are steeped overnight. For over 100 years folk have been sitting down on the hard wooden benches in Pie Toms to enjoy one of their favourite dishes - Pie & Peas. Situated in Bradford's Rawson Market, this cosy place has earned itself international recognition. The benches themselves are a collection of old church pews that have been sawn in half and painted. 


Val Chivers serves the world famous Pie & Peas

It's great value for money, a substantial portion of Pie & Peas cost just 1.10. The atmosphere is great and you often bump in to some of the local colourful characters.



Just time for a cuppa!