The Hermit


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At Burley Woodhead there is a public house there by the name of 'The Hermit.' The pub used to be known as 'The Fleece'.

It got it's newer name because of a man named Job Senior. Born illegitimately, he was brought up by his mother in nearby Ilkley. He earned his living by doing odd-jobs for local farmers. Job inherited a large sum of money from his father, but he soon squandered it and had to resort to singing in pubs to earn a crust. He married a much older woman who owned her own cottage, Job thought he'd 'got his feet under the table.' His wife died and Job was to inherit the cottage, this wasn't to be. His wife's family destroyed it, leaving Job homeless. Job became a hermit living among the ruins.

His rugged and notorious lifestyle soon had people flocking to see him.  He had become a celebrity weather forecaster and a sort of 'agony aunt.' He died  in 1857.

They don't make 'em like that anymore!