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Dick Hudson's

Dick Hudson's

One of Yorkshire's favourite Public Houses is the famous Dick Hudson's. Situated high on the moors at Eldwick, Bingley, this watering hole was formerly known as 'The Fleece,' later becoming known as 'Dick Hudson's' after a long gone landlord. That name is now the official title.

What we have here for sale is some original stained glass taken from the pub during recent refurbishment. A collector's item for anyone interested in stained glass, Yorkshire memorabilia, or if you just happen to be named Richard Hudson!

Jim Newmark, a Bradford GP, tells the story.

'For years I have been going up to Dick Hudson's using it as a base from which to run for a few miles over the moors and then to return and have a drink there. Stained glass is a hobby of mine and I have always admired the quality of these half dozen panels, each about five foot by three, with 'Dick Hudson's' written above an etched medallion of a hung fleece. Although not particularly old (probably not more than fifty years) they must have cost a fortune to commission and make. One day Ann, my wife, and I went up there and the whole place had been renovated and the stained glass had gone apart from a couple of panels that they have left in place. I asked the barman what had happened to the stained glass panels and he had no idea.

Eventually I tracked down the Landlord who also had no idea (and wasn't particularly interested either) but thought that they had been sold to some place in Lancashire. I wrote to them and they wrote back to say that although they were offered them they had heard nothing further. I then tried to get hold of the firm which renovated the place, and after a lot more letters finally found them, quite battered now, in an old outhouse at the back of the pub. I phoned the Landlord and asked what he wanted for them and he quoted a modest amount each to Marie Curie, a cancer care charity. I was in the car and on the way about five minutes later and chose one to put up on the wall at home. On the way home I kept thinking of the others and realised that they must be worth hundreds, especially in America, and went back later to ask for them. To salve my conscience at taking advantage of his ignorance at their value, I promised that I would sell them for Marie Curie. He still wasn't particularly interested and I almost felt that I could ask him for money to take them away, but I feel bound by the promise. 

So I had six oak framed panels, beautifully made. Four have now been sold. The remaining two are in the cellar, gathering dust. They are not in brilliant condition as a result of being ripped out of the pub by people with no idea of their potential value, but are still pretty good. The oak frames are all in very good condition, the glass is damaged and may mend. But they are all 'desirable' items, especially to someone called Richard Hudson with an interest in Yorkshire.'

One of the Stained Glass panels

Marie Curie

'Life is not easy for any of us. But what of that? We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something and that this thing must be attained.'

Marie Curie Cancer Care

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