A book by Tony Eaton,

This is a book of 140 pages and is a pastiche of the myriad stories and experiences of some of the hundreds of men and women who worked in the many and disparate trades and jobs with all the humour and drama that accompanies working on a bucolic branch line that ran from Northallerton to Garsdale. There are stories about station masters, engine drivers, guards, signalmen porters, trackwalkers clerks and even the lowly motor driver. Giving these stories more authenticity are scores of unpublished photographs both monochrome and colour. Also included are rare photographs of a little known facet of the ‘Wensleydale’ the Horsebox Division when famous winners of classic races were delivered to and from the stables of Middleham and Richmond. Although most stories have humour running through them it would not ring true if some of the more serious and sad event were not included. Therefore the accidents that occurred on the line with all the heartbreak that they brought will hopefully, convey to the reader that working on a railway has its inherent dangers as well its mundane hours of toil and occasional pleasures.

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