I have taken a photograph of virtually every grave in the churchyard at Rosedale Abbey, and that one exists for any particular grave can be ascertained by having a look at the groups of thumbnail photographs shown below.

The original photographs are high definition 2048 by 1536 pixels which will fill the screen of the average computer (1024 by 768) twice over in each direction. If you would like one of these photographs emailed to you, then please fill in the form below and I will email the photograph as soon as I can. Please bear in mind that these files are well over 500Kbytes (half a megabyte) in size. I am not prepared to email any one person more than one of these photographs as two of these photos will fill up a mailbox with 1megabyte capability and do not want to pay to send the files only to find they cannot be received.

If you want more than one of these photographs, then, bearing in mind that it costs me money to send you photographs by email and that a lot of time and effort went into producing these photographs, please consider buying the CD rom which contains all the individual photographs, and also some general views of the churchyard and views inside and outside the church itself.

These photographs are my copyright and are intended for personal use only. If you are intending to use them for any other purpose, please see my conditions of use page.

The thumbnail photographs are listed here:-

 Graves 1-25  Graves 201-225
 Graves 26-50  Graves 226-250
 Graves 51-75  Graves 251-275
 Graves 76-100  Graves 276-300
 Graves 101-125  Graves 301-325
 Graves 126-150  Graves 326-350
 Graves 151-175  Graves 351-375
 Graves 176-200  Graves 376-400

 Graves 401-416

Colin Hinson
in conjunction with
Carol Bartlett.

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